Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal 1542 1150 Oddysee

Aurora Halal steps into the series with a selection of no-nonsense club music and immersive sound patterns.

An unmistakable juggernaut in today’s left-of-centre scene, Aurora Halal always manages to grab our undivided attention. From her evocative sets, stand-out releases and ongoing participation in New York’s underground scene, the Nowadays resident pushes boundaries, and your consciousness while she’s at it. Immersive, dark and sensual are some of the words that come to mind when listening to both her own productions and extraordinary sets. Always striking a captivating balance of forward-thinking sound design and club functionality. 

Operating with a firm DIY ethic and distinctive sonic vision, she recently delivered an exceptional contribution to the remix package of Priori’s recent album. We got in touch for the occasion and asked her to share some of her favourite finds on Bandcamp.

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Words and curation by Aurora Halal.

Guava – Framboise Baby (Control Freak Recordings)
I can’t remember what frenzied Bandcamp wormhole led me here, but I hadn’t heard of this artist until I found their tracks and was very delighted when I did. I’ve rinsed this and another track ‘Segelflugzeug’.. They’re lethal weapons when deployed at the right moment.

Sansibar – Teal’c (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
I’m obsessed with Sansibar.. very deep but propulsive at the same time.

Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix) (Houndstooth)
I’ve been collecting modern drum n bass / techstep for the last years and rarely get an opportunity to play it, but I did last week for an Ukraine benefit and this went offffff! The sound design is insane.

Rene Wise – Pleasure Note (SK_eleven)
I’d call this one a long-blend mystic energizer.. love that yeoww sound.

Huerco S – Plonk X (Incienco)
Hard to pick a single track from this wonderful record on a great label.

Sepehr – Corsortium (Dark Entries Records)
Sepehr is killing it, so many sick tracks! I love the sleazy, late night funk energy of this.

Priori – Ani Ma (NAFF Recordings)
I keep coming back to this beautiful song from Priori‘s first album. His music is always delicately composed and emotionally complex.

Versalife – Cyclical Pathway (Conforce)
More luscious late night deepness from the electro master.

Beta Librae – Dawn (Coloring Lessons Records)
Squiggly wiggly swagginess from the low key GOAT.

Alan Backdrop – Tetrahedron (self-released)
Immersive, expansive techno.

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