BSS 1200 1200 Oddysee

Amsterdam-based chuggernaut and Hivern Discs affiliate, BSS, takes us on an introspective trip with a beautiful selection of music from past, present and future.

A one-man operation since 2020, BSS is and remains one of our stomping-ground favourites. With his usual busy touring schedule temporarily moved to digital confinements (the latest of which being a b2b set with Lena Willikens for Making Time and Primavera Sound), Luigi has been hard at work expanding his vision for the project. And we dig it! While he continues to lay down immersive and forward-pushing sound patterns, he spent the past few months carefully developing his first live performance and working on new material, including a soon-to-be released extended player for the mighty Hivern Discs.

Hand-picked and well thought-out, Luigi’s selection ranges from percussive-driven wizardry and extra-terrestrial exploration, to lush and emotion-conjuring droning soundscapes. We advise you to sit down, take some time and explore!

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Words and curation by BSS.

Alessandro Cortini – Scappa (Important Records)
Sit down, listen. 09.57 minutes of your life. Let me know what you think.

Bear Bones, Lay Low – Apariciones Compiladas (Various labels)
The Gonz of rhythm & melody.

Drew McDowall – Agalma (Dais Records)
Not enough words to express the amount of beauty this release gives. A true musical composition in mixing, good collaboration and sound design.

Ruutu Poiss – Palav Aed (Wake Dream)
New label of dungeon owner Orpheu The Wizard. Proper electronic wizardry, well produced extra terrestrial trips.

Black Merlin – Issue N. Fourteen (Jealous God)

UVB76 – Iwa Gaaden (Random Numbers)
Random Numbers label run by BXP from the city of Bologna. Percussive Electronic goodness from the artist UVB76.

June – Horizons (Artificial Dance)
Tsampikos Fronas aka June. What a sound. Futuristic rhythms of a greek special mind. On Artificial Dance.

V.A. – Tales From The Far East Vol.2 (OKVLT)
The second of tape series from UVB76 with a lovely strong amount of artists, musical journeys from all around the globe with the same mind state. Full on trip of cassette specialism.

Yves de Mey – Bleak Comfort (Latency)
Will not be telling a story about this.

Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana (Leaf)

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