Carista 2560 1551 Oddysee

As we step into 2023, Carista dishes out a prime selection of road-tested club cuts and rapturous rhythms.

Going from strength to strength in previous years, Carista has become synonymous with raw energy and soul-stirring selections. Whether it’s rocking sets at Panorama Bar, Selectors or Breakfast Club, the Utrecht-based DJ is set to blow your mind and move crowds left, right and centre. Next to that, she has become a regular fixture overseas, is highly involved in the development of the Dutch underground as honcho of United Identities and is genuinely one of the nicest persons around.

After connecting with her a while back, we’re excited to welcome her onboard the series with her curation for our 55th instalment.

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Words and curation by Carista.

Dreams – Paraxotica (Dance Data)
Fresh off his own and brand new music label Dance Data head honcho Dreams. Complex rhythms and deep basslines for the club!

Henzo – Having It Large (Gurning Up Inside)
I’ll never forget the scenes when I played this tune during my early morning closingset at De Nieuw in De School in Amsterdam earlier this week. This one went off \(^.^)/

Greg Beato – Xio (Ni Un Pero)
Miami-based Greg Beato is one of those producers who literally has got beats for days! That swing, bassline and tuff groove in ‘Xio’ is an instant classic for me.

Randomer & Cadans – Lottarump (Clone Basement Series)
Clone’s Basement series has so much body moving tunes in their catalog like this go to record by Randomer & Cadans. Works everytime!

WAX – WAX30003B (WAX)
Classics only!

Thrills in +41 – Strangelove64 (United Identities)
One of the newest and interesting producers from my hometown Utrecht and a United Identities regular. Keep an eye on this guy as I’m going to work with him a lot the coming time for releases on a new sublabel of United Identities very soon.

Loek Frey – Belise (Omen Wapta)
Impeccable sound design throughout this whole album by Loek Frey on Woody 92’ Omen Wapta.

NPLGNN – Inna Danza (Youth)
Youth, headed by DJ Lyster is really one of the most intriguing music labels for me as everything they put out is gold. Every release on the label is an instant buy.

Sister Marion ft. Mass – B Safe (5 Gate Temple)
John T Gast’s 5 Gate Temple label is for the real ones who have their ears far open wide. The latest release by Sister Marion ft. Mass is a big tune with Mass on vocals.

Steven Julien – X
Acid, Acid, Acid! Pour it down!

Acidic Male – Possessive 
Some artists really have the ability to suck you into their world without you even knowing they do it. Rotterdam based Acidic Male has the ability to do so. ‘Possessive’ is that for me and one of the reason why I asked her to be on the latest compilation album ‘Modern Intimacy Volume 2’ on United Identities.

Shy One – Bird Bop (Eglo Records)
Signing out with this track. Forward thinking music and without doing any concessions. Shy One does that really well on her latest EP for Eglo Records.

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Photo credit: Ashley Röttjers.