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A specialist in exploring the deeper reaches of house and techno. Bristol-based artist Danielle takes control of the 12th instalment in our Buy Music Club series!

Danielle has earned quite a reputation for her keen ability to skillfully blend informed selections. Growing up in London, she has been part of the internationally-renowned Phonica Records crew for over a decade where she developed a versatile and fine-tuned ear for both club and experimental music. Unleashing her creative impulses by way of her NTS Show since 2017, next to creating immersive and eye-catching work as an illustrator. Furthermore, Danielle is also co-founder of non-profit initiative Mix Nights, alongside Daisy Moon and Em Williams. An organisation that focuses on working with women, female-identifying and non-binary people (womxn) in Bristol and beyond to develop DJ skills in an encouraging, safe and welcoming environment.

With her sets on constant rotation here at the office, its a pleasure to have her take control of the 12th instalment in our series. Dive into her impressive curation, ranging from beautiful, field recordings-laced ambient, contemporary and heavy techno cuts, bass music and beyond.

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Words and curation by Danielle.

Kmru – Peel (Editions Mego)
I only came across this on Friday (on Bandcamp day) but it is a fairly recent release from the end of July. This is totally my favourite kind of ambient and experimental music. One of those utterly beautiful albums you can stick on and fully lose time to.

Hamilton Scalpel 2 – Airfoil (Concrete Cabin)
This is Concrete Cabin’s second gift to us and it comes once again from Hamilton Scalpel, and it doesn’t disappoint. Really new and fresh sounding techno with so many exciting elements – from breaks, to bass, to rave and dnb. It’s got it all. I urge you to take a listen!

Doxa – Bluff 03 (Bluff Records)
You can listen to just the 1 full track from this so far on Bandcamp, but that’s all you need to hear. Lots of fast sounding bleeps and breaks, making me yearn for the club. Bluff have only released 2 records on the label which were both reissues by VoyE, so this is the first release featuring new material and 100% of proceeds are being donated to The Black Curriculum & Bed-Stuy Strong, so even more reason to purchase.

Sputnik One – Kerosene (First Second Label)
A tribal sounding, rolling, rhythmic & drum heavy bass/techno EP with added breaks and electro. Really exciting sounding stuff from Sputnik One. You can stream 1 full track now, with the full EP out later this month – I’ve already heard the whole thing and it’s a cracker!

Nature Unit – Nature Unit (Blank Mind)
This is the first release by Nature Unit – a collaboration between Lack, Jack Chrysalis and Sam Purcell. It’s a 3 track EP of techno rollers featuring lots of broken beats and bouncing drum patterns with a smattering of garage vibes. Wicked EP.

Georgia – Fuzzy Logic / Future Proof (YOUTH)
This release features a bit of everything, from dub to jungle, footwork to noise, bass music to techno and everything in between. I haven’t heard anything quite like this for a while, super trippy and really intriguing, so go check it for yourself, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Interviews – Bitterfeld #06 (Bitterfeld)
I always get excited when I get a notification for a new release on Bitterfeld. This one is from Interviews, wicked sounding lo-fi ebm/electro cuts.

Pugilist – Reflections (Temple Of Sound)
Pugilist is a buy on site for me. I play his music in every set, so I had to include him in this playlist. Unbelievably I managed to miss this release the first time around and it was initially only available on vinyl but has just been made available for download on Bandcamp, so go snap it up. All 3 tracks are amazing!

Djoser – Secret Greeting (3024)
This is the most recent release from Martyn’s 3024 label which can really do no wrong. Djoser is a new artist to me but I think this first four track EP is super strong. Each track is super varied too from ‘Alumen’ sounding super bassy and UK leaning, the fairly experimental ‘Kidulum’ to the more dubby and slow techno track ‘Goose’. Can’t wait to hear more from him. 

Soreab – Kraepelin Avenue (Baroque Sunburst)
This one’s been out a little while, but I had an email from him recently where he linked me to some of his stuff and I loved it, so I wanted to include this EP in my list. It’s great, really varied, beat heavy and rhythmic. He also sent me over some forthcoming unreleased stuff which also sounds wicked, so he’s one to keep an eye out for if you aren’t already 🙂

Mekas – Xoid (Chaosmos Rec)
Again, you can only stream 1 track as it’s not due for release until the end of the month, but I’ve been sent the full EP already and it’s wicked! Definitely worth pre-ordering if you need some new fast and fresh Electro and Breaks in your life!

PAS1 – Overpowered (Draconian)
Fun sounding Ep featuring a variety of tracks from Electro to dubstep to Bass to 140 club music – this is something new out of Bristol.

Consulate – Assasino (Good Company Records)
This release was out a month ago on Good Company records but I think it went pretty under the radar. I’ve always been a fan of Consulate’s stuff – on this EP he is in full dub techno mode, and this release will really make you miss being stood near a big stack of speakers.

Midnight Dub – Wex
Spacey and atmospheric sounding Breakbeat, Rave and Electro.

DJ Detox – RM12009 (R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings)
Fun sounding breaks and future hardcore. I don’t play or buy much music like this, but this has really appealed to me!

Check out the full list on Buy Music Club HERE.

Photo credit: Lauren Mmaccabee