Donato Dozzy

Donato Dozzy

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Renowned sound sculptor and Spazio Disponibile co-founder Donato Dozzy takes the reins for the latest instalment in our bi-weekly Buy Music Club series.

Donato Dozzy‘s undertakings with art and creation takes passion and curiosity to another level. Earning the nickname – ‘The Professor’ – by completing his Doctorate in Politics at the University of Rome and his outstanding knowledge of music, he’s an influential figure in both contemporary and classical settings. Creating an authentic portrayal of his complex vision through his works and installations that he creates for public spaces and museums, where he uses obscure musical instruments, collaborates with like-minded producers, classical singers and visual artists.

Unsurprisingly the Italian trailblazer and Spazio Disponibile co-owner serves up an inimitable collection of music for our listening pleasure. A collection with the power to permeate your cerebral cortex and rewire it in fascinating and compelling new ways. Immerse below!

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Words and curation by Donato Dozzy.

Brando Lupi – Between Here and Nowhere (Field Records)
Brando, besides being a good friend, is a wonderful musician. This cinematic track shows his skills and sensitivity on piano.

Jonathan Fitoussi – Continent Blanc (Obliques / Transversales Disques)
Very inspiring and descriptive music filled with beauty and intimacy.

Pulse Emitter – Spiritual Vistas (Expansive)
Pulse Emitter is a very solid composer, his music is something I often play in my living room. It fills the space in such a subtle and at the same time descriptive way.

Alessandro Cortini – Forse 2 (Important Records)
Wonderful person and musician. He’s both skills and talent, I never get tired of hearing him in action, live or in studio recordings.

Don’t DJ – Nagoya (Svbterrean Tapes)
Don’t DJ is another very inspiring character, his polyrhythmic compositions sum up vodoism and meditational state.

Mark McGuire – Mirage (Self-released)
Mark McGuire is part of the Emeralds. His combination of electric guitar and synths make his sound unique and unmistakably recognizable.

Suzanne Ciani – Eighth Wave
She’s just unique, sonically oriented for all her life and showing the path for the generations to come. There’s not enough good words to describe Suzanne Ciani.

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane – Grio’s Wisdom (Dedicada a La Banda’s) (Volante Discos)
This band! I was blown away when I first heard their album, introduced to me by Bryan from the Bunker. In the notes you can read they love the Spacemen 3, an extra reason why I love them. I highly recommend it.

Grand River – Crescente (Spazio Disponibile)
She’s a very talented electronic music producer and skilled musician. Her knowledge about hardware and instruments is impressive. She has a very delicate touch, it feels like watching a beautiful sky from a solitary window.

Ishq – Wuewei (i7x)
Another artist I often play the music of in my living room. He fills the space with grace. Many of his music gives real satisfaction if listened in headphones. 

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Photo credit: Tea Guarascio.