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Frank Wiedemann

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Innervisions very own Frank Wiedemann shares a close to chest selection ranging from home listening to dance floor material.

It’s people like Frank Wiedemann that push the envelope of modern-day music. As one of the minds behind global powerhouse Innervisions, the Berlin-based institution that played a massive part in shaping the contemporary melodic and emotive house sound, Wiedemann set himself apart by crafting musically diverse narratives that ripple far beyond confinements. Next to his solo productions, collaborative (live) acts like Âme, Howling (which has a new album on the way) and Schwarzmann are the perfect example of that, as well as the launch of his explorative Bigamo imprint in 2017.

With an eye on the release of his forthcoming ‘Granville’ EP, landing as the account opener for Marcus Worgull’s newly-founded record label Chorus, we asked Frank to share some of his treasured Bandcamp finds with us. Take the plunge below!

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Words and curation by Frank Wiedemann.

Kali Malone – February Canon (self-released)
Kali Malone released my favourite album of the past year called „The Sacrificial Code“. So I was very pleased to extend the experience with further organ recordings from her. This reminds me so much of Olivier Messiaen – a french composer my father and I listened a lot to. Headphones recommended.

Roedelius – Spiel Im Wind (Bureau B)
I’ve had the pleasure and huge honor to work with this great human being and musical hero of mine for the „Symphony Of Now“ project. All I can say is… Roedelius is one of a kind, one to learn from and one to hug. And he keeps releasing treasures from his vault as well as wonderful new music.

António Sanches – Pinta Manta (Analog Africa)
Analog Africa is an endless source of inspiration for me. They must have gone through many many archives and been digging a ton of records. This song represents an endless journey through the motherland of music. And they also show the (in my opinion) lost art of compilations. António Sanches’ track is almost like proto-techno.

Robert Nacken – Majomin (Spectrum Works)
Some music I am very happy to re-discover through Bandcamp, because it’s lived only on vinyl so far. One example is the label Spectrum Works that my old friend Lars founded and that featured his music (as part of the duo Karma), but also this song by Robert Nacken who wrote one of their songs. You can also find Marcus Worgull’s first EP there, plus a folky song by Roman Flügel as part of Sensorama.

Camel Heads – Dawn Of The Opalescent 
Bruno aka Penabranca is the amazing artist who created the cover for the new Howling record. Before I really knew him I checked his website and stumbled across his musical passion as Camel Heads where he explores psychedelic rock and krauty sounds only with a guitar. And I LOVE this kind of music …

Brilliantes Del Vuelo – I Know That (When The Springtime Comes)
This song was featured on an NTS radio show and I started searching for it. I found it only on Bandcamp which was irritating for me … because I think this is actually a huge tune. But maybe I’m the only one seeing its true potential here? All of their songs are simply great modern examples of Dub Reggae.

Uwalmassa – Untitled 03 (DIVISI62)
I would love to see this band live one day, because of their grooves and driving energy. Uwalmassa mix live percussions with electronics in a very special way. It reminds me a lot of Jon Hassell’s work.

Calhi – Amok (Banned In Vegas)
An Interesting label from Berlin that I found whilst digging for music of Al Pagoda (who will be the next release on my label Bigamo). I like the instrumental pop appeal of this song a lot. And there is much more to discover on that tape.

Abrão – Por Ela (Gerd Janson Backwards Remix) (Bigamo)
Speaking of Bigamo: of course you can get all that we have released on Bandcamp too. This is the newest release – a remix from Gerd Janson of Abrão’s „Por Ela“. Originally we release rather non-club music, but we also have so many good friends who are the finest producers, so it would be a shame not to present some club remixes.

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