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Ivan Smagghe

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Les Disques de la Mort head of operations Ivan Smagghe selects his favourite Bandcamp picks.

As the world grinds to a halt and the majority of people are feeling the effects, we’re excited to launch our bi-weekly Buy Music Club series in support of independent artists, labels and music platforms alike. Taking care of the curation, we asked some of our favourite artists to share a selection of their recents finds and treasured points of interest. Setting things in motion is much admired selector and Les Disques de la Mort head honcho Ivan Smagghe

Following the recent release of Smagghe & Cross’ second album on Vladimir Ivkovic’s Offen Music – the collaborative project between Ivan and Rupert Crossand – the Frenchman shares a genre-traversing selection, including bits from Tornado Wallace, Dazion, Bullion, Knekelhuis, Borusiade, Animals Dancing, Antinote, Dark Entries, Die Orangen, I’m a Cliché, Manfredas, Microdosing and more, with some accompanying words about each track.

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Words and curation by Ivan Smagghe.

Andrew Weatherall – Unknown Plunderer (Manfredas Remix) [Byrd Out]
This, for obvious reasons, had to be in there. Andrew’s passing was a massive personal and cultural loss. Mani is one of my best friends and a constant inspiration. This is him staying on the right side of “balearic” (hate that word), smooth “disco” on a fresh spring day.

V/A – Bongos & Bankruptcy: The Sound Of I’m A Clincé  [I’m a Cliché]
Cosmo Vitelli told me last night that I was not a winner as I did not pick this week to release a triple vinyl compilation of unreleased tracks. Under this amazing title, there’s a lot to take in. He even unearthed a track I did with Marc Collin about 20 years ago.

Patricia Kokett – Szamanka [Knekelhuis]
From one of the most solid label around, this is PK’s reference to the Threshold Houseboys Choir, one of my fave projects by Pete Christopherson. It’s also some kind of offbeat trance, which suits me and the time. You can get this track by pre-ordering the album.

Die Orangen – Mersey People (Gordon Pohl Reimagination 1-2) [Malka Tuti]
This is not a recent release but I can’t get enough of it. Gordon is probably one of the most underrated producer around and a massive inspiration (We’ve also remixed The Orangen, our take will come out in May hopefully). Also check his massive EP soon to be out on Idle Press, and the great Benedikt Frey remix of Shari Vari.

Begin – Bassballs [Begin]
The warped sunkissed genius of James Holroyd (criminally underrated DJ). All his page is BC only. Consider getting the whole discography if you can’t go to the beach (you can’t).

Tamburi Neri – Indio [Les Disques De La Mort]
It’s a pretty strange time to run a label. This release was planned before “the events” but I hope at least some part of “the scene” will come out “re-thought” of this. Time will tell. Tamburi Neri are Claudio (Brioski) and Andrea (Barbieri). A quite unique vocal trip.

Tornado Wallace – P.N.G. [Optimo] 
From one of the hardest working label in the place, this is a truly wonky breakbeat trance track. I know this sounds like a lot of things “right now” but this is modern music, not reactionary clichés.

Ryskinder – Oy (Uriah Klapter Remix) [Garzen Records]
From the land of ultra confinement, its greatest rock n’roll poet remixed by one its friendliest DJ. Uriah is an hyperactive but he slows this one down to the max. The sample is from Professor Yuval Noah Harari, talking how “the human race is running towards its own death”. Yeah, topical I know.

Dazion – The Chant Of Celebrational Beings [Animals Dancing]
One of my favourite labels from down under, releasing the king of wonky electronics. Also check his incredible “Lights in the City” on R.I.O.

C.A.R. – Distraction [Ransom Note] 
Chloe is my flatmate and truly can not be pigeon-holed. This is an extract from her forthcoming third album but you can also check the massive remix of Pressure Drop by Suzanne Kraft or the incredible Radioactive Man (another ex-flatmate of mine) to be released remixes of Distraction.

Scott Praser – Deliria [Microdosing]
East London via Berlin. “Microdosing is a collective experiment aimed at helping you fighting back your modern obsession with happiness. You may deserve a nice day but the day does not need a nice you, nothing should be forced, everything is permitted”.

Autarkic & Hecktic – Kippur In Tokyo [Age Of Self]
1st “redemption files” of the new label. I heard some of their future releases, follow them at all cost.

Jacques Charlier – LouLou [Seance Centre]
My Canadian friends from Seance Centre are doing extremely good work right now unearthing gems of all kind. Have a good browse through their page.

Bullion – We Had A Good Time [Deek Recordings]
New mini album from one of the most underrated British pop producers. Like a valiumed out Godley & Creme? Or some poppier Furniture? Who cares.

Borusiade – Lament (Fortunate Isolation) [Dark Entries]
My favourite track on this great record. It’s all in the title (and should cheer you up).

Paranoid London – Do You Wanna Touch (The Yellow Magic) [PL]
From their recent edits pack. I quote : “We re-did one of the tracks from the last album. Added some synthesisers, a very recognisable drum break & ramped up the euphoria. This is us trying to do an anthem!”. Bless.

Vaadat Charigm – Hashiamun Shokea (Smagghe & Cross Instrumental)
It’s available for free so you may as well get it. Our recent album on Offen Music will be available digitally soon on Bandcamp.

Krikor – Sally Hardesty [Lumiere Noire]
The French prince of distorsion goes all lullaby on us. Beautiful track from DJ Chloe’s new compilation.

Virtual – Sonar (Virtual Version) (Ygal Ohayon Edit) [Antinote]
Great edit from Ygal Ohayon who also compiled STUDIOLO, a compilation of 90’s tribal cosmic house. Big up to the Dizonord crew (and a thought for all physical record shops who will have to sit tight during this episode).

France – Les Pd De Kergariou [Ville Martyre]
Probably the best band in…France. Over productive and quite samey, you’ll have to dig properly in an extensive discography. I throughly recommend their live Do Den Haag Church or Far Out Far West, a 2008 performance released by Mental groove. Just do not use Google to find them.

Gottam – Distressed (Elles Dance Therapy Remix) [Fade To Zaire]
Fade to Zaire are great London parties. And now a record label. Elles on the remix. Quite the trip.

Scott Young – Hyper Domestication [Discos Capablanca]
Only out next month but you can pre-order with your eyes closed. Simple break, simple noise, maximum power.

Front De Cadeaux – Climate Change [F2C]
I can be a bit wary of rush-to-release tracks and content overload but this is one of my fave that came out last week. Slo-mo modern digidub?

Dark Arts – Things Will Stay The Same [Stroom]
Almost impossible to single out one of the tracks from Ziggy’s extraordinary label so I picked a “topical” title from this great album. And yes, we all hope things won’t stay the same.

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