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Jane Fitz

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Treasured selector Jane Fitz joins us for the second in our BMC series and shares some of her favourite Bandcamp picks.

One that never ceases to amaze us.. Jane Fitz is living life to the fullest. The London-based selector and party starter operates with a rare determination to her craft. A craft which she has been elevating to a true form of art over the course of a remarkable 30 plus years devotion to music. Progressive house, trance, acid house, techno, breakbeat, tribal and deep house, Jane’s manifesto is ever-evolving and extremely well-informed, as transmitted through her monthly radio show for Rinse FM.

Taking good care of our second instalment, the Pickle Factory resident guides us through some of her current Bandcamp recommendations. Her curation featuring Good Morning Tapes, Worst, Donato Dozzy & Eric Cloutier, Interactive Test, A Strangely Isolated Place and more, next to some special shouts to the Dutch Nous’Klaer, Mirror Zone and Oracle Bones crews. Go grab those goodies!

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Words and curation by Jane Fitz.

Various – Worst Greatest Hits (Worst)
Slow, twisting trance has been the M.O. of this Lyon label since launch and I’ve ragged the life out of every release. This is a nice round up and a good promise of what’s inside their next chapter.

Jeans – Talking To The Entities (Oracle Bones)
Killer debut mini-LP from deep inside The Hague. Jeans is cutting his own path and I’m happy to follow where he goes. This is a solid way to kickstart his new label.

Dehumanisasi – Dealienisasi (Divisi62)
Indonesian label Divisi62 always manage to stop me in my tracks with music I never knew existed. Mixing traditional instruments and flavours with shimmering electronics. Every release is an adventure. 

Forehard – Third Void EP (Inceptum)
Forehard is an incredibly versatile producer from Finland, making techno, trance and ambient with immense depth and power. All three releases so far have been essential. He’s already buy on site.

Tursiops – Echo Locations (Tursiops)
A compilation of edits isn’t the first thing I usually go for, but these are really good. They come from the Musique Pour Le Danse stable in Paris and go off in magical directions.

Oprofessional – Ute003 (Ute)
Mystical slice of modern trance-y acid techno from this excellent newish label from Norway. Every release so far has been a proper trip in a world of increasingly dry bangers. Check out the whole lot.

D.K. – The Goddess Is Dancing (Good Morning Tapes)
I’m a little bit in love with GMT. The artwork, the concept, the tapes and more recently the records appeal to my inner hippy and I think of each release as a micro-escape to better worlds.

Merrin Karras – Northwest Passage (A Strangely Isolated Place)
How label boss Ryan Griffin manages to keep the quality of each A Strangely Isolated Place release so high is a masterclass in pinpointing your sound and your audience. Although broadly ambient, there are plenty of rule-benders, including this latest from Merrin Karras. Synth passages to sooth your long, lonely days.

Memphis – Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)
This one’s been out a while; I’ve picked it is because the new release hasn’t been added to the Bandcamp yet. My little bro Spekki Webu is guiding this label into new and interesting territories with each release and is never afraid to go exactly where he wants. Brilliant unreleased finds from my main Paul Memphis too.

Various – Interspecies Compilation 2 (Interspecies Records)
Interspecies Records is the musical arm of the artist collective that also includes the lovely Mt Chill print company. Oh and they also make synths and speakers. Although they often release CD mixes from DJs such as Ryota and Norizm, this is only the second to have made it on to record. Proper Japanese hippy vibes.

Nicolas Gaunin – Noa Noa Noa (Hive Mind)
Free-spirited percussion workouts from Italy. I love the simplicity of this album. I hear something different in it every time.

Benjamin Milz – ORKL​-​0114​-​Series 02 (Die Orakel)
Deep and trippy, this is what I want from a piece of house music in 2020. This just rolls and is such a nice addition to the excellent Die Orakel output.

Invisible Menders – Heavy Consciousness (Animals On Psychedelics)
Not new, this is me and Dom Ahtuam, who has some good stuff appearing this year on his own. We get together so infrequently to make music, everything we do comes out very far apart and doesn’t sound like what came before. But we’ve never felt the need to compartmentalise under different aliases because, well, it’s all us. 

Mattheis – A Falcon’s Eyrie (Nous’Klaer)
One of the most reliable and dependable crews around and a label dear to my heart. Could have chosen from any of their recent releases but this one from their longest contributor is a perfect starter.

Donato Dozzy & Eric Cloutier – Palioia LTD 001 (Palinoia)
It’s hard to choose a favourite here – a previously unreleased Dozzy track or a fresh-the-box Cloutz workout. They’re both brain-benders.

The Locks – The Locks (Verdant Recordings)
The lovely Andy Green quietly curates Verdant Recordings with zero fuss but maximum impact and by now he’s amassed a catalogue that does more than most for this end of the deep house and techno world. This latest from Causa under a new name is a real beast. Don’t overlook the ambient cuts either – they are just as beguiling.

Zona Di Franco – Sound Vs Pain (Interactive Test)
Interactive Test from Florence are responsible for putting out so many of my favourite 90s records. They relaunched on bandcamp a few years ago with a lot of back catalogue and now there are some new collections, such as this. Definitely worth a rummage!

Various – Delta Planet 03 (Delta Planet)
Another low-key release of acidy- techno trance from Delta Planet, an Italian label from the darker side of dance that is doing everything right. More please.

Men With Secrets – Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads (The Bunker New York)
Probably one of the most reliable labels who always come up with the goods, this is something really special. Retina.It team up with Donato Dozzy and make a minimal wave LP. And it’s so good. Very cheeky.

Various – Worldwidewindow (ennislab)
A lockdown-focused 56-track compilation conceived and curated by Neel with proceeds going to the Red Cross. The line up is a who’s who of the very best in modern electronics and this is a very worthy cause as much as it is an essential listen.

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