Mary Lake

Mary Lake

Mary Lake 2500 1400 Oddysee

Fresh from an exciting debut EP announcement for Nous’Klaer Audio, the wonderful Mary Lake steps into our Buy Music Club series.

With a strong appetite for unorthodox sounds, Mary Lake is among our favourite purveyors of steamy groovers, transportive rhythms and off-centre techno trips. Always leaving enough room for some free-spirited curveball action and sonic eclecticism behind the decks. Aside from her DJ sets and experimental Worshipping Discordia show on NTS, Mary recently released her first track as part of United Identities’ excellent ‘Modern Intimacy Volume 1’ compilation and announced her debut EP, soon to be released on Nous’Klaer Audio. Quite an impressive feat for someone that started getting into producing during the first months of 2020, we might add.

While we maintain to keep a close eye on her rapidly evolving progressions, she graces us with a high-grade selection of personal favourites, including Kalahari Oyster Cult, Dekmantel, Animalia, Mattheis x Amandra and MoMA Ready, among others.

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Words and curation by Mary Lake.

DJ Suzmo – Extinct I – Introduction (self-released)
I’d like to think Covid-19’s positive side effect is the amount of new producers popping up. This list contains mainly debut releases, like this one. As Paris-based DJ Suzmo himself states: “In recent months, the urge has taken me to compose more coldly and to transcribe my feelings in this project which can be considered as a kind of punching ball and a desire for change.” His EP is indeed a slap in the face. In a good way.

Pillow Queen – Burns Me Up (Delicate Records)
Simply fire. Inspired by Joan of Arc, this debut EP is a story of both aggressive femme-top energy and sexy submissive salvation. Pillow Queen are Berlin-based Tori and Sophie, a successful musical match in my humble opinion.

Tano – In Armatura 001 (In Armatura)
Another debut EP, by NYC’s Tano. It’s a nice mixture of urban and tribal sounds, with very catchy rhythms I cannot wait to play out to an audience.

Amandra x Mattheis – Lettre Ouverte (Nous’klaer Audio)
This beautiful LP is created by Amandra and Mattheis. The two friends have carved out their own niche in today’s techno universe and now joined forces for their first collaborative full length.

Helium – The Works (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
Past summer my friend Colin (KOC boss) rejoiced me with news about an upcoming re-release of a masterpiece. “Helium – The Works EP” is now finally here and sounding better than ever. It consists one of my all time favourite tracks “Out There”.

V​/​A – DKMNTL x PATTA 2020 (Dekmantel)
This great collab between Dekmantel and Amsterdam streetwear icons Patta has maybe already caught your attention. Still, I wanted to point out that this compilation focuses on upcoming Dutch talent, like RAFF – he’s truly one to watch.

OK EG – Prismatic Spring (Animalia)
This Australian duo from Melbourne produces nothing but tasteful techno. This EP is once again deep and expansive, both acidic and organic.

borderlandstate – Resonant Advisor (All Centre)
Another debut release by London-based artist borderlandstate. “Resonant Advisor” is a 2 track EP with elements of abstract techno, bass, minimal, uk, breaks, trance, tribal and some more cool stuff. The label, All Centre, donates all their proceeds to The Black Curriculum.

Rose Bonica – Send Forgiveness / Disengage (Future Bounce)
Super catchy rhythms from Cape Town, South Africa. Rose Bonica’s first international release makes me want to rave in a floral jungle with lots of sweaty people around.

MoMA Ready – Deep Technik (HAUS of ALTR)
Ending this list with a more soulful release by my fellow Minor AM agency artist MoMa Ready. The EP “Deep Technik” consists of fast-paced and deep explorations, with “Talks With God” being my fav track.

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