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NTS resident Moxie steps in the hot seat and provides the latest selection in the series.

If you, like us, have a strong penchant for colourful selections combined with eclectic blends, London-based DJ and radio maker Moxie should be on your rader by now. Through her show on NTS, Alice has become one of the station’s most trusted tastemakers, covering everything from smooth soul, dub, rnb & 90s hip-hop, to club-ready house, techno and breaks, while hosting regular guests for tunes and chats such as Four Tet, Honey Dijon and Midland. While she continues to hold down one of the longest standing residencies on NTS and brings her vibe-filled sets to clubs across the world, she’s also the driving force behind the On Loop record label and party series.

With a new various artists comp on the horizon on her On Loop label, we extended the invite and she graced us with a killer selection that ranges from quality album works, left field dance floor rhythms and soulful sounds.

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Words and curation by Moxie.

Eris Drew – Heartbeat (On Loop)
A brand new one from Eris Drew that’s out now and available to buy, taken off a compilation I’ve just compiled called ‘On Loop Various artists 001’. Eris is someone I’ve admired for quite some time and had on a list of people I’d love to work with, so I was really thrilled when she said yes. I told her how much I loved her ‘Trans Love Vibration’ track so we created something with a similar vibe to that. You can get the full Compilation March 4th, featuring Nicola Cruz, Olive T, Space Ghost & more…

Soichi Terada – Asakusa Light (Rush Hour)
Brand new album from Soichi Terada which is a must. Really fun, playful and feel good album that puts a smile on your face. I love how he uses melodies and chords. It’s a joy to play his music out in the club or on the radio.

System Olympia – Delta of Venus (Okay Nature Records)
This album came out in 2020, but it’s still a go to so I’m adding it into this list. A mixture of synth pop and Rnb. System Olympia is profoundly talented and I’m here for everything and anything she does. 

Escaflowne – Ray Cloud (Fixed Rhythms)
This track is on a really beautiful Detroit techno esq tip that you can get lost in. There are some more driving tunes on this release too, which are equally great, such as Mask Beat.

DJ Python – Club Sentimientos Vol.2 (Incienso)
Brand new music from DJ Python doing what he does best.

Wheelman – Tripped (Stereotone Records)
This came out the end of 2021 and it’s still doing the rounds in my sets. Really slick, sexy, classy, tech house.

Jeigo – Bloom (Banoffee Pies Records)
I played this track out a lot towards the end of last year and I’m still obsessed with it. It’s a blend of Burial, Four Tet & Floating Points. Emotive, groovy and heads down. 

Omar S ft. Super Cool Wicked – What’s Good for the Goose (Dub Mix) (FXHE Records)
If in doubt always go for the dub version. I love this one from Omar S, soulful & sweet.

Hagan ft. Gafacci – Yenko (Python Syndicate)
I came across this one listening to Alex Nut’s Saturday NTS show and it’s been in all my sets since. Afrobeat percussion that’s great to listen to in your headphones or play out in your sets.

Lag – Frka Frka (Don’t Recordings)
If you’re looking for something a bit harder, this whole release is great. Super groovy Techno that you can’t not move to.

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