Mozhgan 1900 1401 Oddysee

San Francisco-based selector Mozhgan joins the series with a high-grade curation of her favourites on Bandcamp.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to hear Mozhgan push quality sound pulses through a decent sound system, then you know her sets feel like an ongoing experiment in creative expression. A quest of sorts for the sake of exploring the universal music medium to its fullest and without limitation. Honing her arts as the driving force behind We Are Monsters, her selections are in constant fluctuation, seamlessly weaving captivating rarities, analogue obscurities and mysterious dance floor cuts.

Taking good care of our eighteenth instalment, the Iranian-born artist guides us through some of her current Bandcamp recommendations. Her curation features Black Merlin, Koraal, Legowelt, Artificial Dance and Osàre! Editions, among others. Submerge below!

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Words and curation by Mozhgan.

Koraal – 9 – La Casa del Volcán (Nous’klaer Audio)
John Talabot’s new concept album under the moniker Koraal! Slow, dreamy and atmospheric sounds to melt away to.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Slow Dance (Self-released)
Love the beauty and simplicity in this track. The entire record was recorded deep in the woods with just a 707 drum machine, a DX-7 keyboard and an 8-bit Atari computer. This was self-released on tape in 1986 and forgotten about for 30 years until a well connected record collector in Japan bought several copies and got it in the hands of the right people eventually leading to it’s re-issue.

BLKLN – Kemistry & Storm (Cohrran)
My friend Dave showed me this artist recently. It wasn’t easy choosing a favorite track – many of them are unique and interesting. I like the slow and steady groove of Kemistry & storm. The lo-fi modern post-punk tracks are really nice too.

Legowelt – Unconditional Contours Memorymoog (OUS)
Legowelt’s unique signature sound is the perfect sci-fi soundscape for the current situation we’re living in. The whole record is brilliant.

Stephen Huss – Belial (Sorcerer Mix) (Artificial Dance)
Olf (Interstellar Funk) worked with Darrin Huss to put together this great collection of tracks by Stephen Huss from Psyche on his label – Artificial Dance!

Exhausted Modern – Plexiglass (Syntetyk)
The vocals and synths on this one really speak to me. This compilation from Syntetyk in Warsaw features tons of talented artists. The whole output is worth listening to.

Cokehead – Duvall The Way (Self-released)
This record was created after Carlos Souffront asked friends Bill Converse and Jonathan Valdez to sample this weirdly mesmerizing Youtube video which involves several transitions of Shelley Duvall introducing herself on a TV show: “Hello, I’M SHELLEY DUVALL” over and over, so he could play it when DJing. After a couple weeks in the studio they handed over 2 1/2 hours of entrancing madness, which was edited down to these two versions. Pure insanity – I’m obsessed with this one!

Conrad Schnitzler – Electric Garden (Bureau B)
Experimental future alien vibes! Recently re-issued on Bureau B.

Free Range – Junk Food Overdose (Osàre! Editions)
Free Range’s second journey on Elena Colombi’s label – Osàre! Editions. Mind-bending mesmerizing madness – the best kind. Love it!

TANS – Vera Vera (Squirrels on Film)
Another exceptional release from Squirrels on Film. Really into the nice steady groove and driving arpeggio on this track!

Black Merlin – Genesis Preacher (Self-released)
Black Merlin makes some of my favorite music out there. I love the 3/4 rhythm in this one. Haunting yet groovy!

Yssue – Downsampled Doesn’t Mean Dead (Kump)
Kump is an interesting label from Lyon run by Markus Gibb. I’ve been a fan of all of their releases. Such a cool track by Yssue on their latest output. Tribal and bewitching.

Service – Looking For The Drone (Macadam Mambo)
Macadam Mambo’s third installation of Danzas Electricas series. Highly recommend checking out all of these compilations which push nonconformist and weirdo electronic music across many different genres.

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