Nala Brown

Nala Brown

Nala Brown 2048 1150 Oddysee

Up-tempo rhythms and introspective sounds curated by Ampfeminine member Nala Brown.

Hailing from Dutch harbour city Rotterdam, Nala Brown is harnessing her power of personal expression and turning it into a fierce outburst of well-thought out DJ sets. Having been picked up by the likes of Dekmantel and United Identities, Nala has brought her eclectic and finely honed selections of bass-heavy rhythmics and raw drum patterns to an ever-growing audience in recent times. Also doing the work behind the scenes, she cultivates positive change as part of the Ampfeminine collective, who, in their own words, aim to add a lovely variety of colour in nightlife. Something we can certainly get behind.

Intrigued by her prowess for some time now, we decided to extend the invite for her to unload an eclectic treasury box of Bandcamp nuggets.

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Words and curation by Nala Brown.

Shamos ft. Tashia B – Untitled (Stomp & Words Mix)
The beat does a very good job leading you into the story. It’s a sort of hypnotic state you get into listening to it and it always leaves me with a bit of an empowered feel.

Niagara – Cabo Verde (Príncipe)
I somehow never got to play this track in a set but I’m happy to be able to share it here with you! This track sounds like hope to me. I love how it’s named after where my parents are from. I recommend also checking out the Portuguese label Príncipe, the label this was released on.

Gabe & Jude – Gabe & Jude 2 (Gabe & Jude)
These 2 tracks are tracks I think I will still be playing at gigs for a long time. The percussions are soooo good, they make it impossible for me to stand still.

Torchon & Ganj – On Était Au Stade (Hard Mix) (BRKN Rec.)
Such a beast! 5 AM clubbanger over here. The distortion really gets me, makes me crave a hot basement party.

AceMo & Moma Ready – AceMoMa (Jenkem Recordings)
The first album by these 2 legends. Doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re playing, music by AceMo & MoMa Ready will always suiting. The versatility that they possess seem limitless, with a taste of that in this first album project. Whether I want to just listen to some chill stuff, play a techno or a house track or maybe some jungle to close off a mix, they will always be my go to. I highly recommend their solo and the rest of their collaborative productions!

Gravitease Angel – Chercher A (Self-released)
The first time I heard this banger was on the Naivetape from Black Cadmium. It’s filled with so much soul, emotion, and mystery… it’s such a good trip.

V/A – Source Of Nature (Chroma)
This is a massive V/A with femmes in it. I love to see these kind of projects!

Greg – Eau Coulée Smart City (Lavibe)
This album reminds me of the parties I used to go to before I went to house & techno parties. Sounds that reflect a crossover between those periods always catch my attention, this album did that perfectly and I can’t get enough of it.

Fatima Al Qadiri – Shaneera (Hyperdub)
These tracks are amazing, especially after you read the description of the album.

SHE Spells Doom – Splash (Tresor)
SHE Spells Doom one of those go to artists for me when I’m preparing a mix. His tracks are always so fun to play. This one on Tresor is my favorite at the moment.

V/A – Zona De Isolamento I (ZONAepx.)
When I heard the tracks on this V/A in the beginning of the pandemic I had such a hard time with the fact that I wasn’t going to able to play them in a club anytime soon. Big up to this Brazilian label. I discovered so many amazing producers through them!

LSDXOXO – Dedicated 2 Disrespect (XL Recordings)
LSDXOXO basically made an album that became my summer soundtrack with the fun, dark & hot beats and lyrics. The energy in this was perfect during that time, and actually still is.

Ayesha – Potential Energy (Scuffed Recordings)
One of my favorite producers at the moment, Ayesha. Every single tracks she drops is bomb, so when her first EP dropped I didn’t expect anything else than bomb. And she delivered!

Cachupa Psicadélica – Pomba Pardal (Self-released)
I discovered this artist through a friend of mine and I’m forever grateful for that. Finding Cape Verdean artists that are more on the alternative side is something that gives me so much energy and inspiration. Definitely give it a listen if you want to enter the realm of Cape Verdean audio psychedelics.

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