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A small but deadly selection of recently released material that we’ve been enjoying at Oddysee HQ.

Sjoerd Oberman gets the Nous’klaer band back together and invites some new faces along the way, there’s unfiltered dance floor hypnosis by one of our undisputed favourites; Fantastic Man, Colino continues to release pearls through his Kalahari Oyster Cult, we take our hats off to Roza Terenzi and much more. This week we share a little in-house selection of recently released goodies that we’ve been pumping through the speakers. The curation features a mixture of beatless moodsetters, mid-tempo mind melters and throbbing dance floor cuts. Bon voyage!

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Words and curation by Joe Giezeman & Tom Wheeler.

Elias Mazian – Vrij Van Dromen (De Vlieger)
A heartfelt collection of Dutch synth-pop songs about love, longing and heartbreak. Showcasing his unmistakable talent, Elias Mazian presents his debut album on Job Jobse’s record label De Vlieger. Seven profoundly beautiful and unique songs that transmit a much needed sense of mind elevation in these inclosed times. Spellbinding stuff to lose yourself in!

Hame DJ – Zoot (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
Kalahari Oyster Cult has been slaying it since coming into orbit in 2017. With Amsterdam-based selector Rey Colino at its helm, the record label has steadily grown to be one of the most reliable and innovative sources for quality music over the last couple of years. Big personal favourite with a back-catalog that’s definitely worth checking from front to back!

John Talabot – Especie Invasora (Hivern Discs)
Hivern always manage to deliver the goods! Using the current pandemic as creative inspiration they formed the ‘Hivernation’ series. In there own words; ‘Sonic photographs that will remind us of the moment in which our way of life changed forever.’ Label boss Talabot delivers a masterful, spaced out production in the aptly named ‘Especie Invasora’.

V.A. – Paerels II (Nous’Klaer Audio)
Another source of constant quality and progression that illuminates our home turf scene. Oberman’s Nous’Klaer Audio shares its second installment in the ‘Paerels’ V.A. comp series. A comprehensive bundle of forward-thinking music by regular crew members and new affiliates. From beatless moodsetters by Mattheis and Eversines, over to mystical mind melters courtesy of Konduku, Riks & Rouz, Melatonin Man, and much more, you can’t go wrong!

Fantastic Man – I Don’t Wanna Wait (Mule Musiq)
Pure dance floor hypnosis by one of our undisputed favourites. After dropping his self-released ‘Grounded: 2014 – 2020’ through Bandcamp, last March, Fantastic Man debuted on long-standing powerhouse Mule Musiq. Three tracks (including two versions of ‘Body Hurt’) of all-out cosmic and mind-altering propulsion. The press release mentions an album is on the way as well.

Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss (Planet Euphorique)
We can’t argue with the fact that this (quite rightfully) got a pretty big chunk of exposure already. In the case you haven’t had the pleasure of bumping into it yet, thank us later! An all-round spectacular long player debut by one of the most on-point artists at this moment. Roza Terenzi showcases the extent of her trademark signature sound over the course of 9 brilliant tracks. Favourite track, you ask? All of them.

Im Namen Des Volkes – Alles Ist Gewinn (Rush Hour)
Interstellar Funk’s ‘Artificial Dancers’ compilation is filled with gems and hard to find tunes from Mr. Van Elden’s collection. Enjoy the hard labours from both the crate digging and challenging licensing process. Our pick ‘Alles Ist Gewinn’ stands out by managing to fuse multiple genres together in a singular track which is both uplifting and gritty at the same time. 

Patricia Kokett – Szamanka (Knekelhuis)
On this long-awaited debut album Patricia Kokett continues his transcendent explorations. Built around a trip to the Nine Emperor Gods festival in Thailand. The release is an ode to Thai ritual culture. ‘Szamanka’ really typifies an electrifying sense of catharsis and transcendence.

RAMZi – Cocon
A peek into the cohesive cosmos of Phoebé Guillemot, aka RAMZi. Following her recent contribution to our Buy Music Club series, Phoebé released her 9-track flora and fauna trip into the wild. Beautifully woven sound design in trademark RAMZi fashion. Keep an eye out for the remix package follow-up, featuring re-arrangements by the likes of D. Tiffany, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Priori and others.

Dust-e-1 – Enthusion (DustWORLD)
We’ve been properly enjoying the work of Montreal’s Dust-e-1, including this ethereal slice of magnificence. The track in question, ‘Enthusion’, comes from the third EP outing on his own DustWORLD label. A perfectly tailored ambient voyage with high-tension acid propulsion for extra-terrestrial exploration.

Donald’s House – Everything Is Fine (Permanent Vacation)
Permanent Vacation has put out some pretty incredible material over the years. The Munich-based record label just hit numero 200 in its catalog with the release of the 6th instalment in their annual Permanent Vacation compilation series. 17 tracks by 20 artists, including this heavy-hitting contribution from the Donald’s House duo.

Vanessa Worm – In Heaven We Are (Optimo Music)
Preview of Vanessa Worm’s return to Optimo Music with the first single from her upcoming album, ‘Vanessa 77’. This track is pure fire and the Kiwi star will no doubt continue to tear up the club and festival circuit post Covid-19 with her incendiary live performances.

Ess O Ess – Lost Boys (Viscera)
Musical platform Viscera makes the jump from platform to label with their ‘ Viscera Galactic Service Broadcast’ comp.  Not only with a fantastic curation of great music but also for a good cause, donation profits to charities supporting the UK’s National Health Service. Ess O Ess’ ‘Lost Boys’ ticks all the boxes for us, an intergalactic 7min work out using reverbed vocals for maximum hypnotic effect.

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