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High-quality club groovers, hypnotising techno and pulsating crowd melters..

Ogazón is the real deal. The part-Spanish, part-Luxembourgish DJ and selector, known for her distinctively energetic and intoxicating sets that range from melancholic bliss to pure dance floor pleasure, cultivated her skill and selection process in Amsterdam’s after-hour scene. Now residing in Berlin, the avid crate digger is easily one of the most on point DJs about, bringing like-minded people into a higher state of consciousness with her mixing skills and refined selections.

With that in mind, Ogazón provides a glimpse into some of her current favourites on Bandcamp. Never ceasing to amaze us, she put together a mouth-watering selection of club cuts for our listening pleasure.

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Words and curation by Ogazón.

Beau Didier – Tool 1 (Beau)
Starting off with an absolute banger of a producer I have only discovered this year- and I am very glad I did. Release after release, this guy really knows how to incorporate a steady groove into functional, dancefloor-oriented weapons. I love the pumpy, upbeat, almost cheerful side that he has somehow manages to blend into this straightforward track, without making it sound cheesy. A future classic! Also, make sure to check out his other releases as they never disappoint! Big tip.

Faerber – Emotional Text Message Service (LAP Records)
Pfew, what a tune this is. I love these kinds of tracks which transport you through all sorts of emotions. Quite the rollercoaster; having a rather minimal, straightforward Techno start and quickly turning into a nostalgic, emotional banger, to then end on an almost epic and slightly dramatic note. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Player – Hit The Floor
I just imagine this being played on a sweaty, smokey dancefloor, hands up in the air, swinging hips and some cheeky smiles here and there. Is it weekend yet?? Totally my kind of banger. Also; for those who are put off by the vocals, there’s also a dub version available.

Warnung – Isolation (RAW)
I love tracks with straightforward, rather cold intros, fooling the listener into thinking that it’s just another stomper until some warm elements shakes up the vibe and turns it into a deep Techno track. ‘Isolation’ is a perfect example of this. Really wholesome EP;  all tracks embody different emotions yet there is a golden threat through the whole EP. Tip!

Flits – Litta (Flits)
I dare you to listen to ‘Litta’ whilst sitting still and keeping it cool. Pretty much mission impossible, right? An absolute dancefloor groover from yet another young Amsterdam talent. This track is everything I love about Techno; it’s loopy, hypnotizing, rhythmic and has the bleepy sounds and sharp claps to top it off. And that groove… Looking forward to hearing more from this talented producer. 

Black Girl/White Girl – Ascension (Hardgroove)
‘Is it House? Is it Techno?’ Who TF cares as long as it makes you dance. I love these edgy tunes that you can blend into any kind of set and have a 99,9% chance that the crowd will go absolutely nuts. It’s bassy, it’s pounding, it’s groovy- right up my alley. Make sure to check the remaining tracks of the Fluid Humanism EP, released on Ben Sims Hardgroove imprint.

Deetron – Metaphor (Remastered 2022) (Rotation Records)
This Deetron gem of an EP originally released in 2001 has been mastered and re-released on Dave Angel’s Rotation earlier this month. Even though all three tracks are absolute bangers,  ‘Metaphor’ is my favorite track on this one; warm, Detroit Techno grooves with Latin elements.. Need I say more? 

Ramone ‘LL’ Ropiak – Sex at 4AM (Latin Lover Mix) (Dansa Records)
If this was a physical record and I had to label it (like I do with all my vinyls) I would probably put a baby blue and orange sticker (meaning pumping house) and would write ‘Pano banger’ because this tune screams Panorama Bar. The cheeky vocal in combination with that sexy bassline just do it for me. 

Visitors – Midnight Flower (Submeditation)
I can feel the subwoofer going ‘wooooommmm’ when the bassline makes its grand entrance at around 00:29. Such a beautiful house gem. It feels really complete; it has the classic rhythmic elements, dreamy melodies and chopped vocals to give it that extra something. Even though it was released in 2000, I only discovered it recently and have been listening to it on repeat ever since. 

Jay Sound – Mi Casa (Salon Recordings)
Last but definitely not least; you also need some tunes for the Monday morning after you’ve blasted Techno music through your system all weekend. This is the typical record I would spin on a hangover day whilst making coffee and blueberry pancakes in the comfort of my PJs. Sweet, funky, slow and simply soothing. Luvluv 

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