Parris 2560 1335 Oddysee

Contemporary club euphoria and high-quality bangers curated by The Trilogy Tapes regular Parris.

Parris has been a regular fixture in UK’s underground scene for over a decade who has also earned his stripes internationally with his genre-fluid approach and elaborate selections. With an incredible repertoire of releases for The Trilogy Tapes, Idle Hands and Can You Feel The Sun — the record label he co-runs alongside Call Super — his impressive manifesto represents the best of modern-day left-of-centre music, especially for those looking for sub-heavy sounds and rhythmic-indulging textures.

As strong enthusiasts of his sonic sound spectrum, we invited the London-based artist for the latest instalment in the series and he’s graced us with a stellar selection, featuring Priori, Roza Terenzi, Karima F and Nathan Micay, amongst others.

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Words and curation by Parris.

The Binary Collective – XXX (Exit Records UK)
Think this 12” went under a lot of radars when it originally came out in 2011. It was definitely very out there but it sounds so futuristic, even compared to a lot of 170 which has come out recently. Sin Skin 2 is my favourite of this pair, when I listen to it I’m just like ‘what is this?’

Emz and Sir Hiss – Finna (No More Mailouts)
Love this tune so much. Not much I can really say about it other than I absolutely love Emz’s flow, it’s so fluid and just slides along the beat so nicely.

Roza Terenzi – Stylish Tantrum (Step Ball Chain)
Been a big fan of Roza Terenzi for years now and always love her output. This is her stepping out doing her own thing on her own label and just like everything else she’s put out beforehand it’s 5 ridiculously strong tracks. Personal favourite out of them all is Stylish Tantrum.

Kasper Marott – My Space (Kulør)
I love Kulør and all of the labels output, consistently putting out great records which have a strong visual identity. Kasper Marott’s 1st 12” for Kulor was one of my favourites in a long time and this one is just as strong.

Various Artists – Oz Echoes: DIY Cassettes and Archives 1980 – 1989 (Efficient Space)
Came onto this label via the Karen Marks 12” they put out a while back and have been keeping an eye on what else they’ve been putting out. Love this compilation.

TSVI – Sogno (Nervous Horizon)
Absolutely love most of Nervous Horizon’s output and this latest EP from TSVI is a killer. Interesting takes on Dancehall and love the fact that Sogno can allow you to switch BPM due to the rhythms.

Karima F – Fief Fef (Schloss Records)
Karima on fire with 3 dancefloor bangers which I can’t wait to play once clubs open again.

Priori – Infinity (Self-released)
Peach put me on to this one, club banger for the ages.

Nathan Micay – Butterfly Arcane (Lucky Me)
Love Nathan Micay’s music and really enjoyed his album on Lucky Me. This was a follow up at the time and contains one of my favourite tracks of his: Did U Know I Cannot Die.

Ploy – Unlit Signals (L.I.E.S. Records)
Best album of 2020, hands down.

Bullion – Blue Pedro (The Trilogy Tapes)
Loved this record when it first came out and still love it now, glad to see it’s been repressed!

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