Roza Terenzi reflects and delivers a lush mix of cloudy steppers, deep ambiences and uplifting tempo shifts.

We’re not gonna lie.. we’re pretty stoked to be joined by one of the absolute queens of the global dance scene for this one. Roza Terenzi has been operating on the outer edges of the sonic spectrum and making all the right noises since introducing the alias in 2017. Still finding interesting ways to express and reinvent herself through her studio works, performances and Step Ball Chain label, she isn’t showing signs of slowing down and we’re all about it! 

On the back of her Australia and Asia tour, we caught up to get the lowdown on the recent trip, Step Ball Chain and things to come in 2023. Next to that, Roza treats us to a 71-minute mix of mind rejuvenating ambiences and the occasional club groover.

Hi Katie, absolute pleasure to have you with us! You recently told us that you’re touring around Australia and Asia for a couple of months. What have you been up to this trip – we saw a very cute photo collage come through from you with friends in Perth, a city you used to call home if we’re not mistaken?

Hi <3 Yeah, I just got home from 3 months in Australia and a month in Asia, spending around 7 weeks in my old hometown Perth.. Which was heavenly! It was so perfect to be able to soak up the Summer there and reconnect with friends and family… as well as playing some really special shows.

From the outside, last year seems to have been an amazing one for you again with the release of several new studio works, including a collaborative LP with D.Tiff, playing an array of sick shows and adding 2 more EP’s to the Step Ball Chain catalogue. How have you been taking it all in as you look back on 2022?

Definitely, sometimes everything feels a little on auto pilot… but I got the chance to reflect back on the last year and I couldn’t really be happier with how everything panned out. I’m really proud of where the label is heading and so glad that our collab LP was received well – it was so much fun to make and I feel like I’m on track with pushing different sounds forward to challenge myself.

You also just announced the debut album of Maara on your label. Can you tell us a bit about that project and how it ended up on SBC, what else you’ve in store for the label in 2023 and what has been the biggest highlight of running it thus far?

The best part of running the label is being able to allow my visions and collaborations to come to life, having creative control – making it possible to blend together music, art, design… to form a unique atmosphere that embodies all the things that excite me. Next up on Step Ball Chain is a debut LP from Maara, the whole process of this record has been very close to my heart and we have put so much love and care into it. The rest of 2023 will bring some interesting new collaborations and some of the previous artists back with more incredible music.

Picture of Roza Terenzi

Outside of electronic music, what sort of hobbies or interests do you have? We have seen some beautifully written press texts for releases come through from you. Is writing something you do outside the context of music as well? And are there any books, films, art pieces or other things that recently left you feeling inspired that you might want to share?

I’m always inspired by art mediums outside of music, and find that the way they interact is very important to me. I love reading.. A book that comes to mind I’ve read recently that left me inspired is a novel called Nevada by Imogen Binnie. Visual art is also always sparking my interest.. painter Stephen Brameld, multi-disciplinary artist Dre Roelandt and my partner Daisy Watson; drawing and silk painting.. Just to name a few! In terms of writing, I’ve mainly been focusing on music related text.. but you never know!

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together for us? How did you approach the mix, what kind of energy can we expect and are there any tracks or artists you would like to give a shout-out to in particular?

This mix is mainly focusing on entering a reflective state, I tried to glide through genres and tempos, starting with 80/160 mix ups, dropping to a downtempo chug and slowly building in energy and speed to finish on some groove based slow dancey stuff. As always I tried to connect the dots between some older gems and newer forthcoming music from myself and friends and wanted to keep it a little free and improvised. Look out for a few tracks from Maara’s LP, D. Tiffany and a slower one from me…

Picture of Roza Terenzi

Finally, how’s the EU summer shaping up for you and what else might you have in the works for 2023?

Hectic! Summer looks like it’s going to be another wild ride and I can’t wait. The end of April I will tour South America for the first time which I’m ecstatic about.. Loads of fun b2bs and shows throughout eu/uk in the summer and currently trying to find the time to finish off a bunch of exciting music projects – craving studio time!