Polygonia 2560 1707 Oddysee

Munich based Lindsey Wang, aka Polygonia, drops her BMC selections.

Polygonia is a multidisciplinary music and art project where Lindsey has drawn inspiration from her many years of experience with acoustic instruments and different creative forms. As a producer, her sound palette plays with infectious textural grooves spanning between both energetic and downtempo vibes. With highly acclaimed releases behind her on US Sure Thing, Korean label Huinali and most recent on ara, Polygonia is an artist for those in the know. This summer, she also founded a new label in QEONE which focuses on deep, close and organic electronic music.

Whatever time of day or setting, free your mind and let your subconscious take a trip inside the musical world of Polygonia. And for all the Dutchies out there, catch her play an Ambient live set at Doka on November 6 alongside Spekki Webu, Claudio PRC and Laura BCR.

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Words and curation by Polygonia.

Salamanda – Fin Immature (Goddezz)
My first selected track for this collection is this beautiful Ambient piece. Everytime, I am really impressed by the productions of those two girls. Also in this track they use such playful sound scapes and they don‘t hesitate to use their voices to give the track a personal touch. The sound design textures are very soft and gentle but extremely clear at the same time. It creates a beautiful open feeling which is very welcoming.

Tom Ernst – Kat Kosmic (Influenced Records)
This track is an absolute tool and it matches very much the minimalistic and dry style which I am after these past few months. It creates a great groove on the floor, which is quite hypnotic at the same time. The stuff which I love to play the most at the moment since it is very physical and mental. I can imagine the dancefloor cooking when it is played in the right moment.

O‘Fella – Sedateman (Oscillator One) 
This is a track which I love to play in my faster paced sets after I played many atonal tools when the monotonous flow might slowly get boring for the people and me. It is perfect to send the dancers on a little space journey to discover their inner emotions after the driving grooves and percussions which were flying around all those moving bodies. It is great to open the atmosphere and welcome a new colour, I love such moves in which I remind the people of the beauty of harmonic dreams.

Erased Roots – X (Corpus Black Records)
This one is such a great track for the body, I love the physical impact which those 300 Hz tom like bumps have. It‘s quite energetic end hypnotic and really gives the dancefloor a driving vibe. Perfect for those already sweaty moments on packed floors, it really adds another layer of dancy madness to the trance state.

Cio D‘Or – Zentrifugal Q (Kynant Records)
And yessss, the queen herself dropped another deep minimalistic gem recently. This is the woman who inspired me to get into the genre of deep techno, I am so thankful for that. I love how good she is at using only the very minimal amount of elements to send the listener into a state of mind which is otherworldly. When listening to her music on a big PA, it is easy to detach from reality and go into another universe of nothingness which feels very warm and good. All elements sit in the right place. I love how it seems that nothing is happening, but at the same time the high frequencies are wandering around all the time.

Dycide – Nean (IO Records)
This one is a great production made by one of my best friends. I am so glad that he recently got back to his roots rediscovering break beats and drum breaks. He is such an expert at combining all those exciting drum sounds and creating this dreamy and pieceful atmosphere. It feels like honey on the soul when I listen to this piece. The perfect one for beautiful sunrises when the world starts to appear in colour again.

Boskøw – Samena (Melifera Records)
This track touches my mind very deeply with those crystal clear glitchy textures and this beautiful rich snare. It has kind of a melancholic vibe and works best in an opening set when preparing the floor for some exciting times to come. At the same time it is also perfect for listening at home, it takes me go to a quite sentimental place in which many thoughts wander around in my head when I look at the movement of the wind which goes through the leaves in the trees.

Gabriella Vergilov – In a Circle (Symbolism)
What a story in this track..uff. I love how it builds up with all those snappy sounds which appear in a quite cheeky kind of way. It has such a psychedelic yet forward going vibe, perfect for moments when I want to use a track which is in between certain moods, somehow like a crossroad to turn in a specific other direction. It offers such a flexibility in terms of emotions because of that constant atmosphere in the background which consists of this major second, an interval which is really in between moods but still conveys an open character somehow. Also the tonality of the ride together with the bass synth really add up to an interesting mix of different feelings.

Saša Delimar – Sre​ća
It was such a pleasure for me when I heard this track for the first time. It is part of the second release on my own label QEONE. I got the chance to listen to tons of various tracks after I asked Saša if he would be interested to release for me, since he really collected a lot with his new sty le. But this one stood out to me in particular. It has such an intriguing groove combined with a unique story of evolving elements. It has some characteristics which I normally don‘t find when I do my usual digging round through Bandcamp and all other platforms. Such a subtle minimalism but still very intense and also unique.

Christine Benz – Cacao Ceriemony (Pirat Records)
This girl is so insanely talented. I am absolutely in love with her organic sound design and text ured grooves. This track reminds me of some tribal timbres, but is very dubby as well. Such a deep vibe going on with all those rhythmic noisy but soft textures going on on top. It feels very watery and windy, kind of exciting but comfortable as well. I would like to play this during a long opening set outdoor in nature, I think that would be the perfect match.

Erik Luebs – Feels Like Jelly (Grid Records)
Ufff…what a funky breaky groove machine! I love how the main synth is going in circles with the pitch modulation and its overtones all the time. It feels very dynamic and I can imagine this one perfectly at a spot in one of my sets in which I build up a very driving moment. I love how minimalistic but effective this one is. It really makes me groove in front of my screen right now during my writing process haha 😀

Lyder – Contemplation (Primal Code Remix) (Jazz-O-Tech)
Of course I don‘t want to miss this opportunity in which I can show you the brilliant work of the Italian duo Primal Code. They remixed one track of my other music project Lyder in which we fuse jazz and electronic music. I love those crystal clear almost IDM or glitch like kind of sounds which go so well together with the sound of the saxophone and the whole harmonic soundscape. This track feels like sparkling water or a fresh breeze going through my hair.

Popp – DLY (Squama)
This is a masterpiece composed, played and produced by one of the best Jazz drummers my city can offer. The track offers many different drum textures and intriguing rhythms. Also the panning of the single elements is so well balanced, the whole space this production is used such a beautiful way. When I watch my goniometer which shows me the stereo image of this track, my producer heart really smiles. It is great to see how well his pieces fit into my sets especially for the last closing track or within openings. The specialty about his work is that all the sounds we hear are really played by him and not placed as samples in the DAW. He manages to create such a tribal vibe with all those various drum sounds which are recorded in a very beautiful way. We are currently preparing a release together, so I am very honored to get to know the process of his work more closely.

Polygonia – Pterois Miles (ara)
For the last position of this little playlist, I selected a track of my newest release ‚Living Patterns‘ on ara which is the imprint of Kangding Ray. I played this one so many times now and it is really interesting to see how intense the breakdown always is. The people go crazy almost every time when this spiral like synth starts to crumble into the void during that one break and then suddenly gets back to the beat. I imagined it to be exactly like that when playing it and I am truly more than happy that I predicted this correctly. It is always such a pleasure to see how the crowd reacts to it. It really is a psychedelic crystal spiral, which I named after this deadly but stunning fish all humans should never touch.

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