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A selection of treasured goodies and recent discoveries by Montreal’s very own Phoebé Guillemot!

Surrounded by an intriguing vibe, Phoebé Guillemot has been marching to the celestial beat of her own drum since her mystical sounds oozed onto the scene in 2013. As the creative mind behind FATi Records, and numerous projects like RAMZi, DJ FATi and BigBird, Phoebé is part of a recent wave of Canadian artists that have been winning over the hearts of left-of-centre listeners across the globe. If this isn’t enough to admire in itself, she still finds enough time to hit the right luminous notes through her collaborative efforts as Jumanjí and New World Science.

With the release of her beautiful new album ‘Cocon’ on the horizon, she leads the charge for some much needed sonic healing moments for these enclosed times. An all round flora and fauna trip in trademark RAMZi fashion that gets followed up by a remix bundle towards the end of May, featuring D. Tiffany, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Priori and others.

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Words and curation by RAMZi.

Cabaret du Ciel – Skies In The Mirror (Mélodies Souterraines)
The most perfect and blissful music from an Italian duo formed by Andrea Desiderà & Luigi Morosin late ’80s. Self-released on tape in 1992 and reissued in 2018. I simply can’t get tired of listening to this masterpiece again and again!

Sui Zhen – Losing, Linda
Every time I listen to Sui Zhen’s music, I fall under her spell. It gives me much strength and faith.

I Believe – Outside Of Time EP (Isla Records)
A collaboration project by legends Florentine Riccardo Falsini and Avery Larochelle. This got picked up by my friend Daniel Rincon, who reissued it on his Isla imprint. I have been playing these track quite a lot. Amazing ’90s hallucinatory techno.

Cousin – A message From Q (Moonshoe)
Happy to see this album finally released. Love Cousin’s music, as well as his duo project; Freda & Jackson. This was supposed to come out on FATi Records (but the label is taking a break till I can find an alternative material to press music on..).

DJ Nigga Fox – Cartas Na Manga (Príncipe)
Love the jazzy vibes on this one.

Low Budjet Aliens – Junk DNA (xpq?)
Decomposed alien techno on a label run by friends D. Tiffany and Special Guest Dj.

Andrea – Ritorno (Ilian Tape)
Lush and atmospheric.

N-GYNN – Low Frequency Overload (Pleasure Club)
I stumbled upon this label. Minimal and trippy tech-house.. Very nice discovery.

Solidarity Compilation
This compilation features many electronic music talents/friends from Canada. All the proceeds raised from the compilation go to the Unist’ot’en Legal Fund. The intent is both to raise funds and awareness to the ongoing situation in the Wet’suwet’en Nation and Unist’ot’en Camp needs.

Grain – tw0 zer0s
Initially released in 1998 on Fragrant Music. I’m always into this mixture of downtempo, electronica and psychedelic vibes.

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