Sansibar 1334 2000 Oddysee

Futuristic mind trips, introspective listening material and left-of-centre pop creations curated by Sansibar.

Following the release of his acclaimed debut album on Darknet, Helsinki-based artist Sansibar recently came through with his second full-length serving – “Sans Musique” – for Kalahari Oyster Cult. Throughout seven tracks the Post Bar resident strikes a fine balance between propulsive dance-floor blends and mind-altering cosmic travels, offering his vision for the present and future of dance music in a singular motion, and a sensational one at that.

With his recent work on repeat we decided to extend the invite and ask him to share some of his favourite bits on Bandcamp. Dig in below.

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Words and curation by Sansibar.

Buoyancy – Discrete Representations of Things (self-released)
Buoyancy ties this amazing album with deep synth swells and lush glassy textures. Self released “Discrete Representations of Things” is the debut album of Helsinki based visual artist Hermanni Keko.

Gem-K – Swan, Lover’s Knot, Dagger (Super Utu)
Maria Korkeila aka Gem-k is a multi-talent artist based in Helsinki. Maria’s debut album as Gem-K is a beautiful and haunting pop album with an amazing array of influences.

Nikolajev – Dub Mullets (Sad Fun)
Moreish, sludgy electronic dub excursion by Estonia’s Nikolajev. My favorite track from this 45RPM has to be “Dub Mullet 2” with a feature from Helsinki based Kidega aka Denzel. I love the vocal pops and infectious bassline on the track.

Museum Of No Art – One Night At The Pool (Kame House)
Other-worldly and gorgeous third release by Hamburg based artist Mona Steinwidder. Hints of 4th world, ambient and beautiful Laurie Anderson esque vocal manipulations.

The Detroit Escalator Company – Soundtrack [313] + 6 (Mental Groove Records)
Much needed reissue of The Detroit Escalator Company (aka Neil Olliveira). “Soundtrack [313]” was originally released by Ferox Records in 1996. Serene and futuristic album for fans of Kosmische, 90’s brain dance and ambient techno.

Benedikt Frey & Tim Toh – NAVA (R.I.O. Label)
“NAVA” is a dreamy and trippy Kraut album by Benedikt Frey & Tim Toh. Beautiful and tastefully produced record of motorik rhythm brakes, psychedelic swells and haunting vocals.

Tom Carruthers – Non Stop Rhythms (L.I.E.S. Records)
Addictive, fresh, fun and pure Birmingham Bleep influenced record by Tom Carruthers on L.I.E.S. Records. Must have for fans of Sweet Exorcist, LFO, early Warp and Network Records.

Kemetrix – Here and Now (100 Limousines)
“Here and Now” is an afro-futuristic and raw electro-industrial leaning album by Urban Tribe member, Kemetrix. Album feels like a long lost gem, filled with weirdo sample cuts, horror and techno-futurism. For the heads!

Oli XL – Go Oli Go! / Cartoon Smile (Warp Records)
At a loss of words by this really. Beautifully crafted, catchy and futuristic pop by Swedish artist Oli XL.

Sky H1- Azure (AD 93)
Beautiful and emotional long-awaited second release by Sky H1. “Azure” is a delicately composed album with a unique blend of influences that only Sky H1 can pull off.

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Photo credit: Adele Hyry.