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Sarkawt Hamad rolls through with an intriguing selection for the latest episode in our Buy Music Club series.

Growing up in Amsterdam and studying art history, as a multi genre artist with different influences, it is difficult to label Sarkawt Hamad‘s sound, with her sets often flittering between the binaries of darker moods and blissful energies. In her own words, she finds her inspiration in all sorts of elements: from fascination for rock music, to dreamy pop and her roots. A rising star and crowd favourite in the Dutch underground scene, she translates her experience into a melodic flow behind the decks. Diverse in sources, her sets ebb and flow effortlessly between genre – from breaks, to leftfield techno and house, all connected through a contagious energy.

With ADE just around the corner, you can find her at both DGTL and De School’s Het Weekend. In the meantime, enter into the sonic realm of Sarkawt with her BMC selections…. a space in which euphoria and deep soft noise coexist.

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Words and curation by Sarkawt Hamad.

Belia Winnewisser – Ancient Monument (Präsens Editions)
Thinking about this ‘Buy Music Club’, Zürich based composer, sound artist and dj, Belia Winnewisser was the first artist to pop up in my mind. It’s her adventurous and dynamic sound — experimental yet dance floor proof — that simply draws my attention. Each track shows the impressive set of skills and experience the musician has. It always excites me when I’m about to play one of her tracks.

Mathilde Nobel – I Eat Air (Nous’Klaer Audio)
The second track I selected is Mathilde Nobel’s I Eat Air. Here, the opening melody gives a sense of wandering around an unknown, slightly mystic landscape. The track builds up quite fast towards some sort of hyper natural (controlled) outburst, enhanced by the use of her own voice. Despite the intensity the track is building towards, it’s still capable of remaining clean and clear. This goes for her other releases too. Recently I attended a live performance of Mathilde which was enhanced by visual art, and I definitely wanna hear and see more of this.

Giulia Tess – 200417 (Scarlet Tiger)
This is a warm banger. With 200417, London based Giullia Tess’ is delivering a deeper track with a broken yet progressive beat: a somewhat calming rhythm, covered by a hot layer. It’s such a good energy for the dance floor. A few of her releases belong to my favorites. Fru Fru for example contains so much emotion, you start wondering what exactly it is you’re feeling. It hits that sweet-spot and I think a dance floor serves for that as well.

4 B E N N – Havana Syndrome (feat. personalbrand) (kepasaparadoks)
Another big-breaks-but-progressive track is B E N N’s Havana Syndrome with its hard hitting percussions, strengthened by unique and uplifting rhythms, as part of some sort of groove. B E N N’s releases are also very visual: they take you to places by jumping around; forward, in an energetic and adventurous way. Big pleasure for the senses.

ODDZ – Solid State Control (Grief Into Rage)
The 5th release is from Grief into rage: a compilation for Beirut from 2020. I think this whole compilation is reflecting the cause right on an artistic level. The track is low key pumping on a disruptive landscape of noise and dust, balanced out with the somewhat triggering acid line. The soundscape in the end really does it for me (don’t skip through the first part though). A very impressive compilation in its totality.

Ricardo Laine – Temple of Hera (Pinkman)
The next one, Temple of Hera by Ricardo Laine is the perfect example of a track giving some euphoria in a more raw way. The drilling bass line kicking in shortly after the opening sets the vibe, followed by an uplifting melody which is killing it: we’re getting somewhere. The album forms an energetic mystery, partly because of the almost religion-like synth melodies. Love that in combination with industrial references. It’s radiating both factory and castle-like vibes. Temple of Hera makes me smile every time I come across it on my usb. Vibe!

Polygonia – The Desire for Wisdom (Dycide Rephrase) (I0 Records)
Different from the previous track, Polygonia’s The Desire for Wisdom (Dycide Rephrase) is a clean one. Known for her hypnotic, meditative and organic sound, the constant bass line here has a calming and peaceful effect. Each new layer is added carefully, not building towards peaks. A subtly used vocal strengthens the warmth of the track. It’s strong in its simplicity.

Ikonika – Energy (Hyperdub Records)
One of my favorite releases over the past 12 months. Such a deep big banger. It’s in the reverb, the orchestra-like melody, the synths building up dramatically towards big percussion, the vocals, everything.

RDS – Force of Nature (unreleased on new label)
Force of Nature is an unreleased track by RDS — part of de Lichting — on a new label in town by Hylke, known from One Eye Witness. This track is a roller with a darker undertone. I love the slightly hypnotizing melody, which keeps on surprising subtly. Other releases of Rein contain the same playful approach, leaning towards eerie energies. Excited to hear what’s coming next from both artist and label.

not yet available

SUCHI – Glisten (Femme Culture)
Closing off with this shine and bright one. Fresh and uplifting sounds by SUCHI: Glisten!

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