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Shanti Celeste

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Peach Discs honcho and all-around vibe specialist, Shanti Celeste treats us to a beautiful curation, featuring some of her current favourites on Bandcamp.

Killing it all fronts since the early 2010’s, Shanti Celeste has been a constant state of evolution, from co-founding BRSTL, releasing her studio works and performing at many of the top clubs and festivals around the world. The Chilean born dance-floor uniter has been an ongoing source of inspiration, pushing boundaries through her music, paintings and creative vision which she continues to share through her NTS show, Peach Discs label curation and DJ performances. Furthermore using her platform this year to raise funds for Afghanaid, who are providing life-saving support in the times of crisis the country has found itself in.

It goes without saying we are delighted for Shanti to join us and share some of her favourite music of the moment from Bandcamp. Expect to find some steamy club hitters, melancholic dreamers, hidden gem’ edits and more…

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Words and curation by Shanti Celeste.

Breaka & Frazer Ray – The Loudest Woiioii Ever (Breaka Recordings)
This is a banger for sure : ) My favourite part is the vocal sample, I love how they programmed it and the percussion is sick too. Goes off in the club every time.

Mathijs Smit – Bad Birdy (Huerta Remix) (Beeyou Records)
I’m very into energeting House /  Tech House or Techno tunes that just rolls and has a good bass line. This is the kind of track I really rely on to keep the energy and momentum going when I’m djing.

LL Cool J – Doin’ It (JT Edit) (Self-released)
Not much to say about this as I think the track says it all haha. ‘Doin it’ by LL Cool J  is one of my favourite R&B tracks so when I stumbled across this on Bandcamp I was obsessed.

Møzaika – Never See You Again (Public Possession)
This whole album is so amazing. I love it so much! I listen to it when I’m painting, stretching, when I’m feeling like I need to wind down or meditate and feel serene! Just a nice listen all round really : )

Tems – Avoid Things 
My friend Nai put me on to this and I’m obsessed, I’ve listened to it more than 10 times since it came out. Her voice and cadence are so dreamy, the whole release is beautiful.

Cleo Sol – Promises (Forever Living Originals)
This Cleo Sol album is also one repeat at my place. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster of melancholy and optimism, it always makes me cry.

Linkwood – Twister (Athens Of The North)
If I was ever in a really fast spaceship going through a wormhole I think I’d want to be listening to this. The whole album is amazing but this song makes me feel like something really exciting is about to happen.

Demae – Seasons Change (Touching Bass)
I love the way this song actually really makes me feel like I’m in nature, it sounds like the seasons are changing and at the same time it feels very meditative. I love it when music takes you out of your current settings.

Knopa – Groove Emulator (Peach Discs)
Until recently, it had been a while since I had the chance to play all night long and therefore been in charge of the warm up. I love doing warm ups because I get to set the pace and create my own little world that people can walk into and hopefully get them to feel excited about what’s coming by playing certain tracks. This one has become one of my faves to play at warm ups because it’s so groovy and playful and also in my opinion encompasses that excited feeling that it’s going to be a fun night.

Unknown – Dreamer (Kepler Edit) (Self-released)
The bass sound in this has to be one of my favourite bass sounds found in a lot of Detroit House & Techno, so I really enjoyed this edit for that reason and its energy too. It’s a really fun tune to play.

Buen Clima – Techno Querian Lxs Weonxs (Peach Discs)
Buen Clima has an amazing way of building tracks to create tension and energy with few elements and just by subtly modulating parts throughout. This is a perfect example of that as not much happens but I’m hooked all the way through. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing forthcoming music from him on Peach Discs soon.

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