Thrills in +41

Thrills in +41

Thrills in +41 2560 1594 Oddysee

Dazzling contemporary sounds, bass-heavy steppers and murky techno tunes curated by Utrecht-based up and comer Thrills in +41.

Although a relatively fresh name to us, Thrills in +41 has pleasantly surprised us with his recent debut EP on United Identities – the record label spearheaded by DJ, radio host and Radio Radio FM’s music curator Carista. With earlier musical escapades landing on Who’s Susan and Unposed Records, the Utrecht-based artist fuses dynamic sound design and UK-fueled rhythms with energetic atmospheres and dramatic mood shifts for his first foray into EP format. In short, a 3-tracker that packs enough punch to blow your socks off and comes highly recommended for taking a proper listen.

With an eye on his recent outing, we extended the invite and asked Lucas to contribute to our Buy Music Club series. In return, he curated a selection of his favourite Bandcamp bits, including Galaxian, Logic1000, DJ Swisha and Mathis Ruffing, amongst others.

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Words and curation by Thrills in +41.

Galaxian – Fuzzy Clouds Of Potential Existence (Ilian Tape)
An eccentric, dreamy and overwhelming track released by one of my favorite producers ‘Galaxian’ on one of my favorite labels; Ilian Tape. I’m really impressed how the Zenker Brothers bring out such dynamic, forward-thinking club music on their label every time.

The first time I listened to INVT’s music I was instantly blown away by the thoughtfully layered synergy of every track. NIEBLA is a good example of that. This one creates perfect tension with a mysterious bassline and futuristic ambient sounds. It’s absolutely worth checking out their music!

Mathis Ruffing – Vibroblade (Infinite Drift)
I discovered Mathis Ruffin on Berlin’s Unposed Records – a label we both released a track on for their last compilation called Docile Outros Vol 2, ran by MSJY. The more I listened to Mathis’s productions the more I began to love his approach to sounds.

Logic1000 – Medium (Therapy)
The airy melodies, the bouncing bassline and a nice blend of percussions brings this one straight into the belly of a summertime rave. Logic1000 is definitely on the rise!

ETCH – Lost Orbit (Chrome Drum VIP) (Soundman Chronicles)
ETCH, Probably one of my favorite producers from the UK. A true mastermind in creating atmospheric soundscapes and rolling jungle breaks. Lost Orbit (Chrome Drum VIP) is released on a sublabel from Soundman Chronicles called Altered Roads. The track feels warm, colorful and nostalgic to me.

DJ SWISHA – If the Shoe Fits (Self-released)
Always super excited when a new SWISHA release is coming up. This release from last February is a hard hitting techno bouncer.

En:vy – Bad Bois (Flexout Audio)
A fast rolling DnB tune on Flexout Audio London. This bad boi got the crisps and the tightness. Great work!

tbilisi onetet – pressurize (Tbili orgia)
This track is released on a Georgian compilation named ‘10+10=20′, including some wide ranged music from their local producers. The acid lead in this track blends in nicely with the thumping kicks and subs. The short whip strikes and the weird noise sweeps on the finishing touch. All together a playful and jaunty track.

DJ TAKYON – BAD VOX (moscowfourzeroonenine)
Party starting vibes from Moscow’s DJ TAKYON. I found this one during a long dragging quest in the infinite world of Bandcamp. It was worth the wait.

TAFKAMP – West Legend Cover (Self Reflektion)
Big up to Rotterdam legend TAFKAMP! He released his second album INDRUKKEN II last September and it’s a masterpiece. Besides some stunning techno and house slammers he also shows his experimental approach to music. West Legend Cover is one of them. The trashing breakbeat in contrast with a gentle John Legend cover brings together a great destructive and epic feel.

Code Walk – Clock (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Closing down with a fresh bass-heavy techno track from Copenhagen’s duo Code Walk. Cannot wait to play this when the clubs are opening again!

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