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Chaos In The CBD

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In Dust We Trust honchos and all-around vibe specialists, Chaos In The CBD treat us to a sick curation, featuring some of their favourites on Bandcamp.

Chaos In The CBD are two of the smoothest operators around. Their undeniable talent for creating deep, silky and soulful house grooves shines across the impressive back catalogue they’ve crafted over the years, many of them released through their own In Dust We Trust imprint. Combine that with their easy-going personalities and ability to produce dopamine-inducing dance floor moments on demand and you get why these siblings from New Zealand have marked themselves out as one of the most eminent underground duos to emerge out of the South Pacific.

With an eye on their recently released compilation for Fabric – a 23-track showcase of rare house music records – we invited the lads to select some of their Bandcamp favourites. They pulled through with a fine assembly of older tracks that have stood the test of time.

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Words and curation by Chaos In The CBD.

Fred Nasen – Sunday Visitor (Visitor)
Groovy sexy tech-house remains my favourite sound to play in the club at the moment. Something about tracks like this where I could dance to em all night long.

Brett Johnson – You+Me=We (Seasons Recordings)
Beans has been playing this one out a lot recently. Great bouncy little number that always does damage!

Jay Tripwire – Sound of Marrying Your Cousin (Aztlan Music)
Not sure about the track name but this track rules. If you can part with the cash, I suggest buying the old Jay Tripwire discography’s off his Bandcamp. So many gems!

Vladislav Delay as Sistol – Keno (The Mike Huckaby’s SYNTH Remix – Extended Version) (Slices Of Life Records)
A mesmerising slice of dub techno from Mike Huckaby. I will never forget the one time I caught him play a set in Barcelona, it was perfection. An immense talent gone too soon! RIP Mike

Mousse T. – Come And Get It (Peppermint Jam)
Discovered this the other day. Dope little garage house number from the guy behind the hit track ‘Horny.’

Sybil – Oh How I Love You (V.S. Previously Unreleased Mix) (VJS Productions)
Amazing 90s vocal house. Discovered this unreleased mix from Victor Simonelli recently and it was a treat during the day time sets we played in Australia earlier this year.

Chris Brann – Three (DBH Music)
Can’t go wrong with Chris Brann really. Wanted this EP for a while and it was finally remastered last year.

Original Rockers meets the Groove Corporation – Stoned (Kashmir Twist Mix) (The Cake Label)
Trippy prog track from Rockers Hi Fi. Squelches and a vocal about being stoned? Does the trick for me.

DKMA – Misguided (Above Board Projects)
These Above Board Projects reissues are a must. Dana Kelley remains one of our favourite house music producers and I highly recommend digging through his back catalogue. This one is kind of chilling but works great at 4am.

Seltav – SPQR (Future Times)
Another great reissue a while back from Future Times. I’ve gone with a selection of older tracks for this playlist. Lots of them reissues or remastered copies. They sound just as fresh today as I imagine they did when they came out. Or at least to me they do.

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