EMA 2560 1707 Oddysee

Bass heavy wobblers, intricate dubstep and wonderful home-listening lullabies selected by Woozy honcho EMA.

Operating with a strong penchant for intricate sound design and fat bass flexing, EMA has been on a solid upwards trajectory in recent years. She is at the helm of the excellent Woozy party series and record label, spearheading the rise of modern soundsystem culture in Dublin. Following a beautifully curated inaugural V/A compilation and a debut EP from Ceo, the label is one to keep your eyes on for the future, especially if you like dub-heavy sounds.

We, for one, cannot wait to witness EMA behind the decks for the first time, but for now we will gladly settle for a dive into her carefully selected favourites from Bandcamp.

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Words and curation by EMA.

Sobolik – Call (Early Reflex)
One of the most exciting producers in my ears at the moment, Sobolik. Although this is a debut EP, Tom has also released gems via Martyn’s 3024 label, All Centre. The first track ‘Theater Mode’ really fucks up a room when you play it out on a soundsystem, such an insane track. The label itself Early Reflex is well worth a dig through. Really excited to hear more from Sobolik soon! 

Yoofee – Wings (White Peach)
Every track on this release I am in love with. White Peach just spits out some of the best dub-step in my eyes and to do that continuously for so many years is pretty impressive. Wahhh is the top fave on this release. 

V/A – WZY001 Digital Compilation (Woozy)
Not a biased pick but I am genuinely in love with the first Woozy output. Not only was it a joy to put together, working with so many talented and sound people, but each track is killer too. From percussive-techno-dancehall to intricate DnB, I think this release captures what the label is about, dub-heavy sounds & the DJs of modern soundsystem culture.

EVA808 – Sultry Venom (Innamind Recordings)
I fell in love with EVA808 when she released Balmy/Childhood back in 2014 – I kind of moved away from dub and bass back then but in the past couple years I’ve really found my sound. When I saw she was releasing this album it was an instant must buy. She’s a queen and I love this release. 

Chris Timm – Invented Sensations (City Bowl Wax Network)
This label City Bowl Wax Network, based in Cape Town is new to me so I really wanted to shout it out. Chris Timm has produced such a well rounded and beautiful EP, one to sit down to and get lost in. The sound design in track 4 ‘TW[P]CPPL_’ blows my mind. Jazz, IDM, Jungle and Bass; it’s all there. 

Coe – Radial (Woozy)
Woozy again! The first wax release of many is a debut EP release from Coe. 3 dubstep-informed club weapons with a percussive rework from Or:la on the flip. The ‘hungry wobble fest’ that Say (KL Tribute) cooks up is my favorite track on the release. The artwork is designed by Blixa Aguerreberry which really made the release stand out even more. All involved have ended up becoming great mates which is another important part of running a label for me! 

Leif – 9 Airs (AD 93)
Leif has been a constant name in my catalog since the early days of collecting music and DJing. Deep melodies, lullabies, percussion, strings and vocals… yet another lovely one from Leif. 

Laughing Ears – Losing Track (Hemlock)
Hemlock is back bby, and no better person than Laughing Ears to release on it. Crazy sound design and precision, it’s a wonderful record for the club or home listening. Her previous release Metamorphosis 形变 I absolutely rinsed, also well worth checkin’ out. 

Plus One – Silver (self-released)
Big things to come from Dublin legend Matt Finnegan, his tracks already championed by big BUFO on numerous occasions. He is a top class producer who always surprises. This release is just one of his many on BC and I rate each and every one of them. CHECK IT OUT! 

Hngwy – Sourced Sustain (Nous Disques)
Dark, mesmerising. ‘Bass inflections’ throughout. ‘LumLung’ for me is a track that encompasses everything I like in a deep, dubbed and tripped-out track. 

Glimmerman – Step Mode (First Second Label)
I was lucky enough to have a track from Glimmerman on the WZY001 comp but now, he’s onto much bigger things! This is the debut release on Dublin based First Second Label ++ a remix from the on-form Sputnik One – this record is all killah no fillah. Step Mode is forever stuck in my head on repeat. 

3XOJ – Stork (Hakuna Kulala)
This is out on Ugandan Label HAKUNA KULALA. Grimey contemporary bass numbers, the title track is a collaboration with Casablanca’s Nabil Enmiri, aka Al Nasser. Anything on this label is a shout. 

V/A – P.U.P. Volume 1 (P.U.P.)
Irish Garage bubblers, say no more. This one’s for the Dublin crew, big ups Jio and all the rather obvious anonymous artists on it too. 

Salamanda – Allez (Good Morning Tapes)
This LP by Seoul duo Salamanda is actually the perfect record to tie off this list. Forever on replay in my apartment, it will be a gem in my collection for a long time. Really hope to see them perform sometime soon! 

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