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Jennifer Loveless

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Following the release of her excellent new record on Butter Sessions, Jennifer Loveless provides the latest selection in our Buy Music Club series.

As fans of her previous outings on the acclaimed Butter Sessions imprint, we’re excited to see Jennifer Loveless make her way back to the record label last month. The release in question, “Pleasure” – a lush single that plays out a fantasy of longing, desire, and seduction. Over the course of four mixes, the Toronto-via-Melbourne producer and DJ demonstrates her wonderful knack for creating moody and sensual club workouts, each with its own intriguing energy.

Hand-picked and well thought-out, Jennifer’s BMC selection offers us the same versatility, ranging from blissful ambient and emotion-conjuring explorations, to infectious and hard-hitting club cuts. We advise you to sit down, take some time and explore!

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Words and curation byJennifer Loveless.

Various Artists – Silky Beats 001 (Carpet & Snares)
Just copped this one on vinyl, perfect mid spot chug from Lisbon label, Carpet & Snares.

Surya – Wide Tuning (Dualismo Sound)
If I’m not mistaken, a 1997 re-release from an Italian trio. An inspiring and clearly timeless 4-tracker.

Homo Sapiens – Spirit Of Gipsy (Chamaleon Records)
OBSESSED with both sides of this EP. Both are imo the epitome of a journey track.

Sanguine – Twice Lived (Moonshoe Records)
Ambient downtempo bliss from home, Naarm (Melbourne).

131bpm – Another World (Body Language)
Impressive club EP from 131bpm. Every track hits, I’ve been playing at least one of these every gig recently.

Avi Loud – The Loud Pack Vol. 2
All of these loud packs are gold. Avi Loud has gottt IT.

Regal86 – The Homiecides
No one does hardgroove like regal86 <3.

Work The Peripherals – Crystal Clear
Another beauty from Naarm (Melbourne).

Digital Burger – Santos (Digitalized Planet B)
I am always running to purchase whenever Fett Burger drops something. Each as good as the last.

DJ Lostboi – Music For Landings 
Long time fan of Dj Lostboi. This EP is a particular fave.

Murder Club – Focus (Yuna Yuna x Murder Club)
Threw in a lil fun edit from my hometown Toronto.

Check out the list on Buy Music Club HERE.