KI/KI 2560 1563 Oddysee

Pulsating rave tunes, full-throttled club workouts and vibey crowd melters selected by one of the most exciting prospects of the ever-fertile Amsterdam scene, KI/KI.

Operating with a good dose of unrestricted energy, KI/KI has taken our local scene by storm over the last couple of years, and rightfully so. Weaponed with a sonic sound pallet that packs enough punch to kickstart a rocket, the talented youngster skilfully blurs the lines between trance, techno and hardcore. Her sets, always spontaneous, propelling and causing unified crowd eruptions on the regular. Starting her swift rise through the ranks as a resident at Spielraum, one of Amsterdam’s most celebrated queer parties, she went on to playing prime slots at Draaimolen, De School and Intercell, as well as collaborating with The New Originals and recently appearing in Vogue NL.

Whilst we patiently wait to watch Kiki do what she does best from front-row-left again, once things reopen, we extended the invite and asked her to curate some of her favourite releases on Bandcamp. The selection, covering vibey trance tunes and heavy floor melters by the likes of Alpha Tracks, Dold, East Of Oceans, Ute.Rec and Radiant Love, among others.

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Words and curation by KI/KI.

L.S.G. – The Singles Reworked (Remastered) (Superstition Rec.)
We’re kicking off the selection with this remastered album of L.S.G. including a reworked ‘outside the club approach’ version of Netherworld – which happens to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. Mixed and mastered by Oliver Lieb (L.S.G.) himself – a producer who did, and still does, wonderful things for the trance scene. Check it out, he keeps on surprising!

Alpha Tracks – White Keys Vol.2 (Morbid)
Alpha Tracks is one of my favorite contemporary producers. After hearing his track ‘elektra’ I fel in love, but basically all his tracks drag me into this beautiful journey.

Marino Stephano – But You (Sub Terranean)
Amazing track by one of my favorite trance producers. Unfortunately he passed away in a car accident in 1999 while underway to meet his friend (and producer “M.I.K.E.”). Tragic story and big loss to the trance scene. This same friend later dedicated a track in memory of Marino Stephano; “Till We Meet Again” released under his alias “Push”.

J-ZBEL – Dog’s Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up (BFDM)
For me this album represents 2019’s festival season in a nutshell. It’s a super divers selection of different sounds: great openers, trance, hardcore, trap(ish) – it’s all in there.

Bliss Inc. – Pangaea (Radiant Love)
Amazing track and compilation released on Radiant Love, a Berlin party hosted by a lovely crew of people. Never had the chance to go there but hope to go there someday in the near future! When life recovered itself a bit perhaps.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me (Know V.A. Edit) (Self-released)
Great edit of ‘Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY is killing me’ by know V.A., in my opinion a really talented Amsterdam-based duo. Also check out their soundtrack in “Thunderdome Never Dies”.

Playstation 303 – XTREM ACID (Play Labs)
Wonderful new generation acid trance released on play labs. Playstation 303 (Maukook) and his brother manage to release great EP’s on assembly lines..

V.A. – Groundcontrol (Ute.Rec)
Ute is definitely one of my favorite labels at the moment, and for me, this compilation is a good representation why. The tracks are hard, fast, with an enormous drive and at the same time super vibey – exactly how I like it. Check out more of the UTE crew, Oproffesionall has amazing releases on there as well.

Atheris – ZRS-2: Instant Molting 2.0 (Amniote Editions)
Powerful release of Atheris (Julian Muller’s alias) on Mama Snake’s label. Big fan of both of them! First time hearing track 1 of the release made me literally experience ‘floating on clouds’.

Dold – EVA (Arsenik)
I think it’s really cool that Dold took a little detour for this one – it has a rather different vibe than other tracks of the EP. In my opinion it’s perfect for a festival set, in between a night time club set, during, and I could go on for a little longer. Shout out to Dold here 🙂

DJ $turmtruppen – Gaya Ccience (Third Impact Mix) (Play Labs)
Still awake? Here’s another round served by play labs – 163bpm steady and waiting for you.

The Pilotwings – Just be (Ushuaia Mix) (BFDM)
Another one from the BFDM label. There was a time I used to listen to this track at least ten times a day for a couple of weeks straight and I have to say, I’m still not sick of it..

Fractions – Constellations (Rotterdam Electronic)
I don’t play that much electro but this release really struck a nerve with me.. So much energy and power in the drops, it is super ravey but at the same time it is also trying to tell us this emotional story.

East Of Oceans – Neverlasting Love (R&S Records)
I’d like to end the selection with one of my favorite contemporary releases. No words.. Just listen and experience 🙂

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Photo credit: Sven Bijlma.