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Panorama Bar’s newest resident and long-time platform favourite, Paramida, graces us with a selection of personal gems!

There’s little argument as to why Paramida is killing it on all fronts. Whether it be releasing far-out dance floor anthems on her Love On The Rocks imprint, intoxicating dancers with her distinctively colourful sets at places like Panorama Bar, Live At Robert Johnson and Lente Kabinet or sharing her latest discoveries and sought-after rarities through her monthly radio show on Rinse FM, the Berlin-based crate digger extraordinaire is truly on top of her game and solidified her position as a global tastemaker with class and style.

With Bandcamp waiving their fees again this coming Friday, May 1st, we decided to get the word out and extended some additional last minute invites for our Buy Music Club series. Much love to Paramida for shooting her selection across on the dime, as she shares some of her personal favourites from the likes of Telephones, Priori & RAMZi, Komodo, Enzo Elia and Begin. And make sure to check out Love On The Rocks’ catalog as well.

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Words and curation by Paramida.

Telephones – From The Vaults 1998​-​2018 Vol. 1 (European Carryall)
Telephones is in my opinion one of the best contemporary producers and I really love everything he has put out on his own label “European Carryall” so far.

V.A. – For The Love Of You (Athens Of The North)
Great label, great compilation!

Komodo – Dub Game (Akamady Records)
Komodo is a Jakarta based artist and has released on labels like Cocktail d’Amore Music. I love everything he does, specially his edits.

Enzo Elia – Balearic Gabba Edits Vol. 3 (Hell Yeah Recordings)
Enzo Elia is also totally underrated. Italian dude making magical edits.

Yan Tregger – Ducks & Drakes (BBE)
I have no idea how I came across this one, but the whole album is gold. Very groovy and fun to listen to.

Begin – Help Me (Begin)
Begin is one of my fav producers out there. His stuff is always sun kissed with a balearic touch. This Brazilian edit is one of my all time favorite songs. Fun fact: he has been the tour DJ of the Chemical Brothers since the 90s.

Deep88 – Rotation (12 Records)
I love Italian house and this is a very beautiful and dreamy house song by Deep88. Italian’s do it better (obviously).

Open Space – Time Zones (Interactive Test)
One of my fav tracks on one of my fav 90s labels.

Peter Zummo – Frame Loop (Foom Music)
Love Peter Zummo and this is a very interesting thing to listen to if you can’t deal with 4/4 floor music anymore.

Priori & RAMZI – Gobi (FATi Records)
One of the most trippy and powerful tracks ever, love Ramzi and this thing she did with Priori is beyond dope.

Check out the full list on Buy Music Club HERE.