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Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau 2425 1661 Oddysee

We’re joined by one of the most relentless and consistent forces in contemporary dance music, Fort Romeau!

A timeless and forward-thinking affair with a silky smooth flair, Fort Romeau has built a repertoire few can match. From stone cold classics like ‘Secrets & Lies’ on Live At Robert Johnson (a track we still vividly recall bouncing off the walls at Trouw), over to his truly remarkable second studio album for Ghostly International, more recent outings on Running Back, Correspondant and his creative musings on his own Cin Cin imprint.. Romeau’s approach is ever-evolving and we are happy to trail in amazement at its ongoing evolution.

Fresh from releasing his 3-track ‘Fantasia’ EP via Munich-based powerhouse Permanent Vacation, we invited Michiel to share some of his favourites on Bandcamp with us. His selection features Aril Brikha, Burial, Roman Flugel with Daniel Avery, Christopher Rau, Vanessa Worm, Selling and others.

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Words and curation by Fort Romeau.

Aril Brikha – Pattern Recognition (Mule Musiq)
Aril Brikha, responsible for the classic “groove la chord” (check it if you haven’t heard!) has been putting out some really nice stuff on Mule recently, a new LP as well as this from last year. Deep and heady yet totally precise and functional, just how I like it!

Luke Slater – Love (Burial Remix) (Mote-Evolver)
A great remix of one of the all time greatest tracks in UK Techno! I’ve always been obsessed with the original track and the Burial mix is a really nice companion piece in the producers inimitable style.

Noun – Meeting Of The Minds (Live At Robert Johnson)
Technically not available yet but just trust me and make the pre order anyway! A great collaboration between Roman Flügel and Dan Avery, I remember Dan mentioning to me a few years ago that they had a session together so I was always curious if we would see the results and here it is! Both tracks are really nice deep techno but as we all know the best track is always on the B side!

Source Direct – Stonekiller / Web Of Sin (2017 Remasters) (Metalheadz)
I’ve been listening to a lot of classic jungle / drum and bass in lockdown, there’s so many great tracks in the Metalheads catalog, but Source Direct have made some of the best. Tough razor sharp amens and that typical SD darkness but theres also a lot of space and restraint that typifies music of the music that I like from this period.  DnB sort of lost its way when it forgot about the importance of negative space.

Soela – Shadows On The Wall (Dial)
Really nice track from Soela from her (I think) debut LP out on Dial, one of the best labels to ever do it. Makes me think of a kind of modern deep house take on early Autechre. . . or something. Also definitely worth checking out her Kompakt EP from last year.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F# A# ∞ (Constellation)
Gotta throw in a stone cold classic into the mix. I would be surprised if many people weren’t familiar with this band, one of my all time favourites and deeply influential on modern music. Some moments feel perhaps a touch trite and overly bombastic when listening in 2020  but that’s really only due to having to put up with listening to decades of bands making a facsimile of this sound.

Selling – On Reflection (City Slang)
A really great and original LP that I think has been a bit overlooked. A collaborative effort from Gold Panda and Jas Shaw has some really interesting and beautiful stuff on it that doesn’t really sound like anyone else. Big tip!

Vanessa Worm – Slash (Cin Cin)
I’m not sure if this counts as shameless self promotion as its my label but I really love this track (I love them all , of course)  from the last release on the label by Vanessa Worm. Quirky EBM-ish vibe meets Severed Heads but still does the damage on the floor!

Christopher Rau – The Keys (Smallville Records)
Very cool track from Christopher Rau on smallville, great hypnotic vibe and super driving, exactly the kind of thing I’m into on the dance floor.

1-800 Girls – Dancing For You (Shall Not Fade)
I don’t really know anything about this artist or label but picked this up from hardwarx at the end of last year, really cool bouncy FM synth house, a little nostalgic without being cloying or pastiche, very nice!

Check out the full list on Buy Music Club HERE.