De Lichting crew member Eversines traverses moody breakbeat patterns and propulsive tech cuts in extraordinary fashion. 

Between releasing forward-thinking club cuts on labels like Kalahari Oyster Cult and Nous’Klaer Audio, and tapping into intricate sound design for yeyeh, Eversines, real name Remco Hazewinkel, is one of the most exciting producers out there. With an impressive and ever-extending back catalogue that explores the sonic fringes of contemporary electronic music, the Amsterdam-based artist is as versatile as they come while maintaining a singular outlook on quality. He’s also part of the excellent De Lichting collective, which can only be described as a force to be reckoned with that enriches our local circuit on every level possible.

With clubs recently re-opening around here again, we got in touch to hear what Remco has been up to and what he’s been working on, including new material for numerous labels and a new live show. Dig in below.

Hi Remco, good to have you involved! With clubs finally reopening and the sun shining in Amsterdam, how’s life been over the last couple of weeks and what’s been keeping you busy?

I’m doing fine, thank you for having me! In recent times I’ve been making a lot of new music. I moved to my dear friend Pieter Jansen in December, and we have a studio space in the attic upstairs. Also I got the chance to play a few DJ shows abroad that took a lot of time and preparation, but it’s a lovely process so definitely can’t complain.

You’ve been consistently releasing music throughout the years on De Lichting, the label and collective you run alongside Working Titles, RDS, Human Space Machine and others. Tell us about the connection you guys share, and what are your plans for the collective and what’s in the pipeline for the label? Do you plan to keep showcasing mainly artists from the collective?

Most of us met at the Rocakcademie in Tilburg, where we followed an education in electronic music production. I actually used to be housemates with most of the De Lichting members (in the legendary Kreutzerstraat appartment). Once we finished our studies there pretty much everyone moved to Amsterdam, where we first started the labels Native Response, Working Titles and Yield in little groups. De Lichting was born out of the idea to release tracks by all seven of us on a double vinyl compilation, so all the labels were kind of brought together. We’re planning to release a very fun double compilation next, and there are solo EP’s coming up by Nathan Kofi and RDS that I’m both very proud of. We will also do our seven-headed live improvisation show again in the near future, which was super nice to do last year at Breakfast Club ADE. Looking further into the future, we’ve always released exclusively our own material, but are looking into ways to incorporate music by others as well.

Same can be said for Nous’Klaer Audio and yeyeh / ninih – two Amsterdam-based record labels you’re closely affiliated with. Starting off with the latter one, you told me that you’ve a double LP coming out on ninih. Having previously released a beautiful collaborative LP with award-winning composer and Theremin soloist on the label’s sister label yeyeh, what can we expect from this one, tell us a bit more about your inspiration for the record and the range of sounds you’ve explored on there?

When working on a release with Pieter (owner of yeyeh/ninih) it usually takes a while because his standard is very high, not just in tracks themselves but in the way they fit together on a release and make a well rounded story. I think it’s because of this that a lot of my most personal records are releases through his label. This album is definitely more club focussed, a bit darker with shades of techno, trance, electro and my love for older club records clearly shining through.

You also mentioned that you’ve been working on a new live show, which you are planning to debut later this year. Although it’s still under wraps where the debut will take place, can you tell us a bit more about the changes you’ve made and what is to be expected from the show? Is there a big change in terms of hardware as well?

True, it’s gonna be a super exciting event in the summer with a line up that makes me nervous already when I think about it. I definitely want to involve more of the stuff I use in the studio, so apart from the Electribe EMX1 that was already in my live show, I’m planning to add my Digitone, Digitakt and TD3. Basically I want to take as much as possible out of the laptop and into my favorite machines.

With new music in the pipeline for Nous’Klaer Audio, Slow Life and Twig it seems you’ve been making good use of the recent downtime. What can you tell us about those releases?

Well I’m super happy and honored that these labels are interested in having material of mine. The first one to come out will probably be Nous’Klaer as a test pressing has been approved a while ago, but pressing times are enormous everywhere right now. It’s funny because I make quite a lot of music in many different sub styles, and when a label chooses four tracks it really sounds like a release for that specific label, which I think is a cool dynamic to hear back with those platforms. So the release for Slow Life consists mostly of very vibey house while the one for Twig goes slightly darker / weirder and Nous’Klaer is a kind of home base by now for warm and hypnotic house and techno tunes.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for us? Any special tracks you would like to mention?

The mix consists of recent and older finds, trying to create a hypnotic flow and land into subtle euphoria towards the end. I’ve included two crazy tracks by RDS, coming forth on De Lichting and ninih. There’s also a track from my new album in there. And one tune that definitely deserves a highlight is the one around 12:00. An electro edit of an acapella I made with Pieter Jansen the night before recording this mix. The plan is to start an edit label together with Pieter called ‘Banger Management’ :). All in all I think this podcast reflects my current taste, and where I am now in DJing and digging, hope you enjoy it!

Finally, what else might you’ve come up with in the following months?

Finishing up another album actually, working on a lot of new releases and live / DJ shows that can’t really shared yet, rearranging my live show, and I’ll be doing something for Schemerlicht festival later this year as well. Hopefully take a holiday 🙂