Spekki Webu

Spekki Webu

Spekki Webu 2005 2163 Oddysee

Fresh from creating an immersive listening experience at Amsterdam based sound bar Doka, Mirror Zone chief Spekki Webu steps into our Buy Music Club series.

Of all the gifted innovators that our stomping ground has brought to the underground in recent years, Dutch mind expander Spekki Webu definitely counts amongst the most intriguing and naturally entrancing. Coming from a strongly rooted background in the gabber and junglist scenes, Spekki has established a sound that functions equally propulsive and meditative. Dissolving time and matter with his DJ performances, in the regular company of his like-minded mates JEANS and Woody92, his selections combine elements of tripped-out trance, breaks, Goa and every extraterrestrial oddity he digs up in his planetary realm.

Further transmitting his psychedelic approach, Spekki launched Mirror Zone in 2018. Following quality outings by Memphis, DJ Ungel and Vector Trancer, the imprint, already recognised for its captivating curation and undeniable quality, recently added number five to its catalog by Taxa. With that, we invited the Mirror Zone head honcho to share some of his favourite Bandcamp gems with us. Take the plunge into his esoteric curation below, and much love to Spekki for contributing! 

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Words and curation by Spekki Webu.

RA-DO – Amen Widow EP (Opposide Records)
Like some of you know, jungle and gabber were an important factor for me setting the path and journey in the so-called world of electronic music. I’ve never stopped listening and still buy some now and then. If you’re into your haunting straight up amenizm and like it rough, then make sure to definitely check out this EP and basically the whole label output. Some rough rollers on here!

Alan Backdrop – Before The Light (Abbc)
This great album from Alan Backdrop has been on repeat the last few weeks home and it sure is worth the listening. Eighteen tracks ranging from hypnotic triballesque techno to droney ambient soundscapes and off beat groovey rhythms. A very interesting journey from a super talented producer! Recommended on a good pair of headphones, sit back and trip away!

Atom™ – Interactive Music (Atom™ Audio Archive)
The man, probably one of my favorite producers. An amazing output covering all kinds of different styles. I still can’t wrap my head around how insane this guy made so much incredible music. I have been a fan for years and it was one of the most interesting journeys to discover all of his music. Luckily I got the chance to catch him last year playing a three hour set together with Tobias. He now has almost his entire output for sale on Bandcamp. Time to take a free weekend of and dive into the world of Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™.

Sevenism – Echo 404 (Self-Released)
Sevenism is an experimental project from Nottingham UK. He has been making music for years and has a great output good for a Sunday listening. Dreamy ambient vibes to open your mind and soak away. 

Yuki Matsumura – Without A Break (Moph Records)
Yuki Matsumura is a electronic artist from Japan. I am really hooked into his way of making glitchy, haunting, almost mentally weird rhythms and soundscapes. Almost like you’re walking in a haunted house and you can’t get out! If you are into your IDM-ish glitchy stuff then you must really check out his (small) output.

V.A. – A Safe Place 001 // Charity Project (A Safe Place)
Super nice charity project setup just after Covid-19 hit the world. More than fifty different labels participated in this project including my own label MIRROR ZONE with a contribution of an unreleased track by my brother Vector Trancer under his new moniker Aa Sudd. The project’s income will be donated to an organisation called MSF which focuses on giving proper medical assistance during the outbreak in countries with poor medical assistance (and also before and after it!). This release has a wide variety in styles ranging from, ambient to house and from trancey techno to electro and breakbeat!

Aythar – Cosmic Resonances (Carpe Sonum Records)
Aythar is a Hungarian based artist making some very dreamy music ranging from ambient to downtempo and trance. Very hypnotic tunes that I like to listen a lot at home when having a chill. Make sure to also check out the label this was released on, Carpe Sonum Records. These guys were the North American distributor for the famous FAX label run by legend Pete Namlook. After his death they set up the label as a honor for his work and eventually started releasing all kinds of music inspired by Pete Namlook. Worth the checkout!

V.A. – Flowers That Bloom At Night (Traumgarten)
My friends from Traumgarten finally realised they’re long awaited project and just dropped a few days ago. A super interesting compilation series with 30 beautiful tracks ranging in different styles of music. With a nice mixture of some local artists and artists from abroad. Some slick artwork and poetry on this as well!

Torvvo – Oxblood (Lateral)
Superb tripped out techno from my friend Tom. Deep hypnotic vibes, good for the afterhours when everybody’s mind is open to explore! Comes with a trancey touch to it. Rolling stuff that keeps you going! 

CV313 – Analogue Oceans (Echospace)
A proper journey into space with this insane release by CV313. For me one of the nicest in its genre. So much layered textures that float into each other. Every time I listen to this album its a new experience discovering new sounds. If you never heard of Rod Modell (half of CV313) aka Deepchord aka CV313, then dive into his immense back catalogue of beautiful ambient and dub techno.

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Photo credit: Verena Blok.