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A little encyclopedic voyage of S.O.N.S’ musical tastes as the Seoul-based artist steps into the control room for the latest instalment in our series.

S.O.N.S has been pushing quality sounds into the atmosphere since 2014. As the enigmatic production alias of French DJ and producer, Timothée Victorri, the project channels a distinct taste for atmospheric and emotive exploration that results in some serious ‘90s inspired dance floor satisfaction. That said, the outcome of his musical escapades are as propelling as they are explorative and entrancing. With his characteristic output so far exclusively released on his self-titled label – and sub-label Nuagon Infinite Oceans – the Seoul-based artist has been taking care of distributing his own records as well.

As his highly sought-after and previously vinyl-only catalog just found its way onto Bandcamp, which we highly recommend you to get acquainted to and is available for purchase through the digital realm as we speak, we thought it would be a good time to invite the man for our Buy Music Club series. Dive into his curation below!

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Words and curation by S.O.N.S.

Kim Jinmook – Dream Of Heaven (Daehan Electronics)
Sick intro track for a morning set in the forest. Mysterious India infused ambient album on Korean label Daehan Electronics.

Tenderlonious – Impressions (22a)
Another one in a similar vibe. Ambient Raga with Tablas.

Donato Dozzy – A Cielo Aperto (Spazio Disponibile)
An ambient track from a new comer from Italy from what I heard (laughs). Sublime reverb, nice chords.. On a dope label. All proceeds from this project will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Miki – Magic Moment (Unreleased Long 12″) (Self-Released)
One release from Miki The Dolphin. Legend from the first Italian wave. Psychedelic mysterious yet house / trance / techno you never really know what to expect.

HLLW – Gykoro (UTE.REC)
UTE-Rec is one of the most exciting labels I discovered recently. Making trance as I like it, mysterious, emotional, not too slow either. amazing work! This track is no exception but it’s definitely not the only one to check out here!

Driss Dennis pres. OCB – Algorhythmic Control (Casa Voyager)
This is the next EP from Driss a.k.a OCB. This is my favorite track here. He managed to make the perfect house jam. Not 100% house, but still very classic in the elements, slight breaks, detroiesque vibe, uplifting chords, dope bassline. If I was a RA journalist I would put 4,5/5 but I’m not, so it’s going to be 5/5. Anyways just buy the whole Casa Voyager catalog you won’t be disappointed.

Bliss Inc. – Outer Limits (Magicwire)
Last output from Magicwire, is as usual very good. I have been following these folks since.. 2010 when they released their first Lone record!

Mike Parker – Drain Hum (Percussion Mix) – Remastered
A classic.. the best of Mike Parker, both mixes stunning, strong, intense yet subtle.

Mikkel Rev – Immensity (Translusid)
Another deep trance one from the UTE-rec camp. On one of their sublabel if I understood well.

Priori – SCN 2 (DustWORLD)
Mesmerising dub techno from one of Canada’s new generation of artists. Love Priori!

Jeans – Off The Grid (The Oracle Bones)
Jeans, a great DJ and producer! This track especially is dope.. weird structure, amazing melody. Recommended!

Ludwig A.F. – Firefly (UTTU)
This one is from Ludwig A.F., dope producer, yet his own label EXO Recordings International has not landed on Bandcamp. But something tells me it might well happen soon… 4min in the track there is this emotional part starting. I played it so many time just to hear this part again. Magical.

Nemo Vachez – Serena (SYO Transe Total Remix) (UTTU)
This is my remix for Nemo Vachez, under my SYO alias. It’s a bit of a weird one, as it’s not that weird compared to some of my other stuff. Long, slowly evolving, ode to the early 2000s progressive trance years. With this second part overly melodic, coming in at 5min. Guilty pleasure for some, total cheese for others..  take your sunglasses out and see you at the pool party.

P.O.K – Endless Mind Update (Self-Released)
Pyramid Of Knowledge under his P.O.K new moniker. This is how I like dubstep. And if you read until here, a bit of a spoiler for you.. the next record on my label will be a collaboration with him…

Check out the full list on Buy Music Club HERE.