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Toni Yotzi

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Tripped-out steppers, high-grade dance floor material and bass-heavy heaters selected by Melbourne-based Toni Yotzi.

Toni Yotzi operates with a contagious optimistic vibe and has one of the most dynamic sounds out there. Throwing killer parties Down Under, she’s played a crucial role in developing the music community spanning between Perth & Melbourne. Next to handling the programming for Dooj and Deep Doogs, Yotzi, real name Jo Lettenmaier, has lured us with her open-minded selections and adventurous DJ sets. If you want a little taste of such, we highly recommend you check out the recording from her set at Golden Plains.

Taking good care of the latest instalment our series, Toni presents a killer assembly of tunes from the likes from D. Tiffany, Sputnik One, Roy Mills and KiTA, amongst others.

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Words and curation by Toni Yotzi.

Nutcase & Papachubba – Flex (Best Effort)
This hits from a few different angles. DJ Earl Grey (Nick Thorqup’s) dedication to their Best Effort label + Skylab Radio show goes astral on this first ever vinyl release of Flex. Nutcase & Papachubba is half Perth dub royalty Sheriff Lindo (prolific output here) and Andrew Armstrong aka Friendly. I love every track, the twisted vocals, sweet downtempo, dnb and rude jungle.

Sputnik One – Love From Above (Wisdom Teeth)
I’ll talk about Sputnik One to anyone who’ll have it. Doing everything right, amazing Exquisite Corpse Rinse France show that floors me everytime, releases on Well Street Records + the like and this one coming up on Wisdom Teeth. Jim’s vision sits apart from the rest and I’m so here for it. Also runs one of my favourite label’s out of Dublin ~~ Woozy ~~ with the amazing Ema, which leads me too…

Coe – Radial (Woozy)
Had a real moment when I heard Woozy001. Gateway drug to Yushh, Glimmerman and Jurango. Pumped to see a second offering from Coe with a rework from Or:la. This whole crew is exciting, loves the wubs and are big sweeties. :’)

DBR – Suspended Animation (Steeplejack)
For me Steeplejack really represents the true Melbourne underground. Headed by the ultra talented Harold, his dedication to twisted and raw have seen some of the wildest parties and releases to date from artists like OK EG + Sam Brickel. DBR’s is an exploration in experimental drum and bass, everything he does is essential.

Roy Mills – Hell Beckons For Ye Who Aint Repenting (Self-released)
First full length from the wunderkind Henry Scott, love how he sprinkles cheeky tech house funk into really bad bitch bass + reggaeton, with wet emosh pads and delicate percussion. New release out soon is bonkers too.

Work the Peripherals – 1000 Ways (Self-released)
Transportative music, nod to classic trance but still fresh, lush and emotive. I always dance when I hear this and the butterflies in my ribs start trying to escape.

Pillow Queen & Ruin – Calling Me (ISLA)
D. Tiffany is one of my all time favourite artists and DJs, with Pillow Queen she joins the magical Vani-T + Ruin on Daniel Rincon’s (NAP) unwaveringly solid Isla label. Long, driving, hard and delicate club tracks. Pure xtc.

Klon Dump – Understanding (My King Is Light)
Just me shuffling + screaming ~~~ 128. Tech. House.

Sen Genam – Sensation Green (SoHaSo)
Sweet and sensual idm melodies with a rude Errorsmith-esque bassline to rip you out of the dream state. Obsessed.

KiTA – Lucent (Companion)
Companion is a new label from two incredible DJs Pjenné + Millú. All class. Balinese artist KiTA has created a stunning 5 track sonic antidote for all our post isolation head n heart aches.

Wen – It’s Alot (Keysound)
Found some old Wen tracks in a library clean out. Lo-Fidelity yum, so now I need a daily dose of Keysound sub bass. This on a sound system *clutches pearls.

Epoch – Push Back (Modern Hypnosis)
Scott Storm is a tireless purveyor of dubstep + bass wares and an excellent DJ to match. His label Modern Hypnosis is home to some of the best Pugilist releases and this absolute stomper from Epoch. Woof.

Heights Of Abraham – Humidity (Pork Recordings)
1993 trip hop, beautiful melancholic pop. Every listen I love a different track. <3

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Photo credit: Jackson Grant.