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High-quality club workouts, lush soundscapes and a substantial dose of rhythm-driven electronics.. CCL offers us a glimpse into some of their current favourites on Bandcamp.

CCL is a creative that’s crushing it on all fronts and has been doing so for over a decade. Not one for taking the paved route, CCL specializes in “the liquefaction of rhythmic and melodic matter – combustive phase transitions through cowgirl-breaks, trip-funk, wiggle steppers.” If you, like us, are intrigued by that description, we advise you to take a deep dive into their latest mix recording for NYC-based experimental community project Juanita’s. It’s glorious. Next to their forward-thinking blends behind the decks, they have been cranking out equally innovative studio works for the likes of Planet Euphorique, Discwoman and others.

Also active in important social work (maybe now more than ever), we’re beyond grateful to have Cecilia involved as the Berlin-residing tastemaker leads us through a carefully curated selection of their current favourites on Bandcamp, including Laurel Halo, Poté, Ali Berger, Noémi Büchi, Jamiu, and many others.

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Words and curation by CCL.

Jamiu – Eschu (Self-released)
A track that builds an entire sci-fi world with its impressive rhythms, haunting synths and vocals.

Adhémar – All the Birds are Talking at the Same Time (Secuencias Temporales)
This hypnotic, deep high-tempo number from this Mexico City label is giving me Aleksi Perala meets Donato Dozzy in the psychedelic forest vibes.

Toada – Airosa Melanina (Pluma Records)
A melodic bath of playful pads, grooves and melodies from Portugese producer Toada.

Kincaid – 64th Betrayal (Eclipse Tribez)
I am a sucker for the low-slung-rhythms, it’s true, and this one makes me wiggle around even more than usual.

Felix – Singular Epifania (Self-released)
Dancefloor destroyers from the Brazilian beatmaker Felix that make me miss dancing to music loud.

Kiki Kudo b2b Brian Close (Best2s)
I’ve bought almost everything that Kiki Kudo has made thus far and I think this is my favorite release. The opener “Urban Magnetic” unfolds in an intoxicatingly kinetic, psychedelic spiral.

Harriet Tubman – Farther Unknown (Early Future Records)
A mixture of psych rock, jazz, and percussive madness, a thrilling ride.

BFTT – Intrusive / Obtrusive (Polity Records‎)
Sound design and rhythmic insanity from BFTT. I would very much like to know “how he does it”.

Ray Kadinski – Moving On (Self-released)
Soaring Detroit pads make this one sit with the dreamy, shoegaze vibe I’ve been getting lost in lately.

Jabes – Klunk002 (KLUNK)
This release is utter madness in the best way possible – it says it takes cues from “80’s horror” , though I only find it spooky how good these tracks are. The synths are so saturated and freaky, I love the idea of watching a sped up Giallo film while listening.

Poté – Pearls (Versicolor)
This track reminds me of the summer and it’s been one I come back to – warm and joyous in these cold days. I would love to play the vocal into the instrumental and back again.

Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Sulla Pelle (Marionette)
A friend DJML played this one on an great “cybernetic drumming” episode of NTS, and I’ve been trying to collect similar tracks. I love Italian drummer Valentiana Magaletti, her adventurous style is brought to life on this invigorating Marionette record.

Duendita – Let Me Live
This song is so beautiful it makes all of my hairs stand up. Verbed out guitars, the beat, her voice… perfection. 

Joel St. Julien – Resourced
An electrifying cinematic odyssey punctuated by sparse percussion. Recommend checking the whole record for a wall-of-swirling-sound that’s hypnotic, haunting and uplifting at the same time. Joel says, “this album is about overextending your stay in a state of suspension”. 

BD1982 – 7th Door (Diskotopia)
Another excellent release from BD1982, I would do a lot to hear this loud on a dancefloor. A rhythmic masterpiece that takes cues from kwaito, calypso, some bleepy bloop techno and broken digi-tribalist tuffness. 

DMO – Sans Tachycardia (DMO)
A pulsating euphoric wiggler that I’d likely play in a set of other similarly slinky, rubbery tracks. Then that flute (?) comes in …we are in business. 

Paz Shina – Air Cycles EP (City Bowl Wax Network)
This Paz Shina release makes me feel like I’m dancing with the psychobin fairies in Enby Narnia. A home-run for South African label City Bowl Wax Network’s first release. 

James Banguera – RYSS
This is one of my favorite releases this year. Every track is so intricate and beautifully colourful – I would do anything to hear these on a dancefloor. 

D​.​K. – The Goddess is Dancing (Good Morning Tapes)
A spellbinding record that I keep coming back to, the goddess, motherbeat, etc is alive and dancing in every track. 

V.A. – SLINK Volume 1 (SLINK NYC)
A whopper first release by this NYC collective dedicated to the “slinkiest” club tracks, my mouth was instantly watering. Instant buy!

Tsepo – La Vaca Vega (Intercept)
I was first drawn to this one by this cover, I love figs (?), and then was captivated by this proggy rhythmic roller that sucks you in.

Ali Berger – Shell Game (Trackland)
I made an entire mix around this track from a friend Ali Berger – it reminds me of Maurice Fulton’s work and I can see how he made this one after seeing Theo Parrish play. 

Noémi Büchi – Tap 03 (Light of Other Days)
A rhythmic and textural delight that is full of spine-tingling surprises. 

T.Power – Octagon (Adastra Recordings)
One of my favorite things is finding older releases being released on Bandcamp. There’s been some particularly sought after Jungle / DNB records that have slowly made their way onto BC and I’ve been loving being able to have digital files and dig through. This T-Power number is one of my favorites of late.

Human Resources – Oil Panic (Tech Startup)
Two of my past worlds (Bristol / Seattle) collide on this record for a *big big boing* of a half-tempo, swung lurcher. 

Krummholz – Rooted in Despair (Naturmacht Productions)
I’ve been listening to a lot of “guitar music” after being away from the club for so long. This dark metal release from Uganda has one droney ambient side and one freaky jam-out side. 

V.A. – Stealth Weapons (Invisible Ink)
Psychedelic twisted chuggers with hushed whispers and clanging drums on Glasgow’s Invisible Ink that make me feel like The Guvnor the late Mister Weatherall (RIP). 

Pent – 20x 2 / rone 3 / x7xu (Self-released)
A squidgy sound-design masterpiece from Pent. A commenter says “pent has no respect for the rules of time and space”, very true and I’d like to believe I am the same. 

Laurel Halo & The Neighborhood Character
Two brilliant minds meeting unsurprisingly is as good as would be expected, a gorgeous hypnotic roller. I love the drums, rubbery details and the call and response synth. 

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