Cormac 2179 2560 Oddysee

Good vibes and infectious beats incoming from queer Northern Irish artist Cormac.

Cormac‘s reputation as a revered selector has been rapidly spreading across the globe. His sound delighting dancers with feel good HI-NRG, Italo + house at the fore. From his time as booker and resident DJ in London, countless hours spent in the Room 1 booth at fabric in London and his now legendary closing performances at Panorama Bar and Snax, Cormac has a unique ability to tune into the collective feeling of a room and keeps dance-floors enthralled through his sonic storytelling. On the production side, he has appeared on Ostgut-Ton, Correspondent and his own Polari Records imprint. The name Polari in reference to the secret old- school language once used by queers and those on societies edges, with each label 12” featuring amazing artwork from selected LGBTQ+ artists.

In his BMC selections, you’ll find a couple of recent gems off his own Polari imprint, electroclash, Hi-NRG and more. Dive in and embrace the sonic realm of Cormac.

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Words and curation by Cormac.

Tjor – Azuli (Polari Records)
I met Tjor in brazil in 2019 and started playing his Azuli track in every set. We planned to release the track on an upcoming VA, but then he sent me some other tracks and we went back to the drawing board and compiled the EP. He’s a great young talent and this, his first EP just received a 9/10 in faze magazine.

V.A. – 埃及 Rose (RFX Edit) (Fauve Records)
Romain FX is a friend and recently released his “Convention of Love” on Polari. His own imprint Fauve is super great. This track is a fun lil’ snack.

Solvent – My Radio (Extended) (Ghostly International)
This was an early 00’s standout electroclash track for me although it wasn’t such a big hit. Still sounds great today

ADULT. – Hand to Phone (Cordless Mix)
Ok, this was an electroclash hit: if you don’t know ADULT, you really must investigate.

Thomas Jackson – Slow Train (Multi Culti)
This Thomas Jackson track on Multi Culti is perfect when playing, let’s call them “sexually liberated spaces”. Certainly the vibe I like to play and hear in such scenarios.

Perel / Marie Davidson – Jesus Was An Alien (Club Edit Instrumental) (Kompakt)
I have girl crushes on both Perel and Marie although we’ve never met. Am looking forward to playing with Perel in September. This EP is perfect, the vocal tracks are wonderful but this instrumental gets me feeling all kind of ways.

Marcel King – Reach For Love (New York Remix) (Fac Dance)
My kinda classic, this track is massive for me. so so perfect and on Factory. I close with these kinda things if playing a long closing somewhere

Radiators – I Am Sure (Mothball Records)
Great modern Italo moment from Radiators on Mothball Records.

Cormac – Sparks (Polari Records)
I made sparks as an ode to all the magic love moments we’ve experienced in dark places. In my own humble way I’m paying homage to Cowley, Bobby O, and my HI-NRG heroes.

Kiwi – Hedonistic Tendencies Pt 1 (Polari Records)
Kiwi’s second release on Polari just went on presale and I’m super happy to share it with the world. The title track “Hedonistic Tendencies” was a highlight on my Essential Mix. It’s releasing in two parts with the vinyl and part 2 dropping in June. I’d go so far as to say one of these might be the track of the summer.. so emotive and powerful and perfect for your Sunday church function.

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Photo credit + clothes by Justacoupleoftshirts.