Sally C

Sally C

Sally C 1500 700 Oddysee

Sally C marks the 50th instalment in our series with a trademark selection of chunky bouncers.

Operating with a good dose of unrestricted energy, Sally C is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it be releasing propulsive dance floor anthems on her Big Saldo’s Chunkers imprint, intoxicating dancers with her distinctively energetic sets or sharing her latest discoveries through her monthly radio show on Refuge Worldwide, the Berlin-based crate digger extraordinaire is on top of her game and solidified her position as a global tastemaker.

Fresh from releasing her second EP, we got in touch and asked her to do us the honours of marking our milestone instalment. She returned with a vibe heavy selection of road tested club workouts. Let’s get this thing off the ground!

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Words and curation by Sally C.

Driss Bennis Presents. OCB – Transhuman Xpress (Casa Voyager)
The release I’m most excited about this summer from one of my favourite producers and labels. Driss Bennis aka OCB drops this fire eight-track EP on his label Casa Voyager. I’m deeply obsessed with the sounds that come from this label and this one is going to be fire, out in August, go pre-order now it will sell out fast!

Various Artists – ‘Club Entry’ Vol.1 (Borne Fruits)
This Borne Fruits compilation is out now! Go cop. London based rising star Amaliah released her debut EP on Borne Fruits in November which she smashed, this compilation is next up on her label featuring some of London’s best fresh and new talent including tracks from Jossy Mitsu, Angel D’lite, Bailey Ibbs and more.

Neida – DSO (Nehza Records)
Hot hard breaks. Such a cool track from French label, Nehza Records, run by RONI. The build up is a perfect mix of breaks and rezzy acid, then the drop is hard hitting straight up fire. Dance floor hit!

Maara – Goddess Within (Give It To Me Daddy) (Radiant Love)
Such a sick release on Radiant Love. Really love Maara‘s productions, I was really excited about this release which came out in April. ‘Goddess Within’ is a banger; such a rolling bassline and banging drums. Sassy trance goodness.

Stones Taro – Seed Man (No Collar 4 Kicks)
No Collar 4 Kicks is a sick label from Tokyo, this release from February of this year is so so good. The whole EP is fire, my fav track which I’ve been rinsing recently, ‘Auto Translation’, has this cool vocal throughout mixed with perfect breaks and dreamy sounds.

Roza Terenzi – Stylish Tantrum (Step Ball Chain)
One of my favourite Roza Terenzi tracks. It has this trippy intro that slides slowly into the drums then the crazy bassline drops at 2 mins in. Such a roller. Like all of her tracks, it has so many layers and interesting grooves. Roza Terenzi is one of the best producers in dance music.

buen clima – Bau House (Peach Discs)
Love this one on Peach Discs from Chilean artist buen clima. It’s fast and rolling yet soft with an electro flare. Super nice track.

Surusinghe – BAD GIRLS (Steel City Dance Discs)
Surusinghe!! The underdog comes all the way through with this one. I remember hearing this track at an after party and everyone flipping out. Such a strong debut release from this fire cracker, she’s going to be making some serious moves this year.

Ceephax Acid Crew – Fossil Funk Piano Mix (Video Edit) (Waltzer)
Pure emotional banger here. So many class tracks from this artist, but this one is my ultimate fav. When the piano is playing over the acid and breaks around 2 mins in, it’s so so good.

Sally C – Big Saldo’s Chunker EP 002 (Big Saldo’s Chunkers)
Second EP on my label Big Saldo’s Chunkers which came out last month. Strictly chunkers!

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