Zaltan 2560 2117 Oddysee

Selector extraordinaire Zaltan delivers an arsenal of weirdo cuts and leftfield grooves.

Co-founder of genre defying label Antinote, acclaimed digger and mainstay of the Parisian underground, Zaltan is a recognised character and tastemaker whose artistic approach is full of surprises… traversing time, cultures and borders. Perhaps best represented through his curation of Antinote, the label is a richly diverse outlet featuring all kinds of oddball house, synth pop, dark electro fantasies and esoteric fare from lesser-known producers and forgotten flea market finds.

We invite you to lose yourself in the world of Zaltan, via his Bandcamp picks of the day.

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Words and curation by Zaltan.

Shelter – Le Sommeil Vertical (Séance Centre)
Sublime EP from my close friend Alan AKA Shelter from Paris. One of the most interesting producers in Paris in my opinion. Shelter also works for Seance Centre label and for Big Wax record store in Paris. Excellent selection of both old and new records there. Take time to listen to this beauty!!

Dynam’hit Deejays – Dynam’hit Edits (Born Bad Records)
Some free Edits from friends of mine in Paris. Belec and Sainte Rita. They dig into French 90’s house and dance music. You should check out their super compilation on Born Bad records: Dynam’hit! Big up amigos.

Fizzy Veins – Dances With The Cosmic Twin (South Of North)
I’ve been following South Of North since the very beginning and it’s the kind of label I really like and identify with. I can see connections with my own label Antinote as they put out a wide range of different music but in a meaningful way. Loving Vizzy Veins since their first 7″ in 2016 “Kool Down” on Bedroom Baadman.

Froid Dub – An Iceberg Crusing the Jamaican Coastline (Delodio)
I picked “Froid Dub” new record on Paris based Delodio record label. But the whole catalogue is worth checking. Those two dudes have a nice casual vibe but they are always very much on point. If you are into cold industrial heavy dubs then just don’t sleep on this one. One of my favorite local labels!!

River Yarra – Vibe Shift (Super Utu)
Everything on River Yarra’s Super UTU label is Top!! I picked this one just so you can dive in his world. Also check River Yarra’s records on Antinote if you don’t know them yet.

V.A. – Amapiano Now (NTS)
Essential compilation around the new South African Amapiano scene by London radio NTS!!

Tom Carruthers – Non Stop Rhythms (L.I.E.S. Records)
New name on L.I.E.S. house music institution. Classic U.K. bleep vibe here, perfect for your melancolic / xtc warehouse dancefloors. Quest for Rhythm is a hit for me!!

Persian – Dubplate #1: Space Within Art (Mysticisms)
Just got a copy of this 10″ inch at Big Wax records in Paris. Excellent mystico-break-dub. very deep!! “D-dub Twist” for me is the big one!!

Less-O – Shenanigans (TEMET)
Thinking forward dubstep from west France, Nantes city!! Simo Cell’s TEMET label is totally right up my street even if I’m not the most expert of the genre. Less O is Simo’s brother and I was here when he first saw his record and cried at Positive Education festival. Sick artwork too!! Hard to pick one but Meditative Walk is something!!

Sun In Capicorn – The Hexagon Incident (Sic Dubs) (Sun In Capicorn)
The Hexagon Incident is such a classic but beautiful IDM track!! I don’t have any more info about Sun In Capricorn but this record is well installed in my DJ bag these days.

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