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Daniel Baughman

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Contemplation and appreciation… Hivern Discs’ very own Daniel Baughman delivers a beautiful and personal curation in which he opens up about his experiences and his shifting mindsets over the last couple of months.

When reading up on Daniel Baughman, much of the talk is about a guy who is best known for his work behind the scenes. Whether that be the case, much depending on how you look at things… one thing for certain is that Daniel stands way ahead of the curve in everything he does! A&R dude at leading, innovative electronic music institution Hivern Discs, booker at Nica, a superb DJ in his own right and responsible for single-handedly delivering one of our most memorable festival moments of 2019 with his performance at Dekmantel Selectors, under his Magic Teapot Records moniker, alongside MLiR. Take us back!

Providing the latest curation in our Buy Music Club series, we are honoured that Daniel felt comfortable enough to share how he experienced the last couple months. A story we believe a lot of people can relate to, as they found themselves in a similar situations during this time. The whole curation carries a great sense of intimacy and sincereness, next to a typically coherent and well-explained musical narrative.

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Words and curation by Daniel R. Baughman.

Carl Stone – Fujiken (Final Selection) (Unseen Worlds)
I’ve been hooked to this 20 minute piece from Carl Stone since I heard Ron van de Kerkhof play it at the last Curva Imposible event in Barcelona.  Included in his latest offering for Unseen Worlds, it samples South East Asian field recordings and tapes creating a unique tonal and vocal collage. 

Aleski Perälä – The Colundi Sequence Level 17​​​​​.​​​​​5 (AP Musik)
When lockdown started in Barcelona I stopped listening to music. I needed silence, and since then I’ve developed a different relationship with music where more time and awareness goes into each new track I come across, favoring quality over quantity. A month later I started to listen to Aleski Perälä’s discography again and I spent the rest of the confinement mostly feeding on his Colundi output. This is why there’s 2 Perälä entries in this playlist. In this “Level 17.5” Aleksi experiments with drone & ambient within the Colundi tunning environment in a very purist fashion as we have come to expect. You should also check his “Presence” LP for some healing landscapes. I think these compositions have the relevance, timelessness and gravity of sacred Ícaros and Mantras.

Donato Dozzy – 12h (Presto!? Records)
There’s so much music by Donato that could be included here… This is the stereo, LP version of a sound installation commissioned by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi as the sonic expression of the Armando Trovajoli Bridge in Rome, both depicting the actual architectural piece and its surroundings. Pure, pristine generative sequences, echoing early Eno at times. It’s amazing how Donato is able to synthesize the sounds of organic entities through his machines, specially when he goes modular. Constant inspiration.

XIII – Dirigitelmont (Gang of Ducks)
Gang of Ducks is this label & collective run by Alessio Capovilla and Stefano Ferrero from Turin. We connected last year in a special way during a Donato Dozzy set and after that I’ve been to Turin a couple times and since then some sort of natural collaboration and dialogue has started. I love them; super chill, interesting crew. This track is from Alessio as XIII and it’s included in their latest release, a various artists compilation curated by Daniele Mana.

CPI – Islaalsl (Hivern Discs)
This one has been a long time coming. I’m super happy for Hugo and Marc to finally see their debut LP as C.P.I. out. A complex, very personal, spooky and entrancing journey through their influences and references with great collabs, including Anna Homler, Veronika Vasicka and Will Carruthers, and mastered by Gordon Pohl. The Digital bundle was released on July 5 and preorder for the vinyl due early September is now up and running on our Bandcamp.

Only Thingz – Only Thingz (Good Morning Tapes)
Good Morning Tapes is such a dope project. Great artist curation and prime merch by this dude Biscuit, a designer, music nerd and high frequency spirit. I connected personally with him after a label showcase I booked at Nica and he’s been present in my journey ever since. This is one of the first tapes on the label. Ace, leftfield, cosmic and almost abstract Balearic compositions by Eddie Ruscha aka Secret Circuit, subtly mixed by Biscuit, who also added his own field recordings to bring the potion alive.

Absis – Oasis (Hivern Discs)
From our digi compilation “Hivernation” released during confinement. Absis is the new stage name of friend and early label associate Salva Corominas, who has recently found his sound after a hiatus from music making. The message comes when the time is right and then you become its channel. I feel this comp is something special, not only for the music submitted but also the visual work and concept by Barcelona art collective Sociedad0 and designer Guillermo Lucena Mejías.

Bochumwelt – Radiopropulsive (Rephlex)
Bandcamp has been so good for the independent music scene, not only during this pandemic but connecting artists and labels with fans for a long time now and creating this platform where producers can manage and benefit from their music in a more direct and transparent way. Gianluigi Di Costanzo has been uploading his entire Bochum Welt catalogue to the platform recently. This might be my favourite record by him, his first LP originally released by Rephlex in 1996.

Buttechno – Early Tunes (2013-14)
I’ve been following Pavel Milyakov for a few years now, enjoying the way he has unfolded artistically. He keeps pushing things forward, experimenting with generative rhythm algorithms, his own scale micro tuning and the intersection between sound and visual arts. This is a collection of early tunes he made available a few weeks ago, and it already showcases his versatility, toying with eerie ambient and drone, weird dub textures and even a microhouse-ish track. His latest album “Psy X”, released on his own Rasvett label and Gost Zvuk is also pretty sick. Big memories of his live performance at Terraforma last year. One of these special artists that orbits his own planet.

L’Automat – Work 1 (Brokntoys)
Latest release on Brokntoys. Dystopic electro by French producer Raphael Vendramini as L’Automat. B side is also super nice. Artwork is spot on too!

Portray Heads – S/T (Bitter Lake Recordings)
Underrated minimal synth project from Shikoku Island in Japan. Forthcoming reissue via Minimal Wave Records and Bitter Lake Recordings. Exciting. 

دانا (DANA) – Bird Atop The World (Identity Spectrum Records)
Duly described as “psychedelic deep house” by the label, this track by Chicago-based producer دانا (DANA) got me super hooked at first listen and I kept playing it in every set. Super nice groove and slick and refined sampling of her own vocals. I got in touch on Soundcloud and ask her for music for Hivern and she sent this ace track called “Temporary Insanity”, included on the 4th volume of “Hivernation”.

Zwicker – Oddity (John Talabot Remix) (Compost Black)
Departing a bit from the rest of the playlist’s vibe here I know, but this is my favorite JT remix, the Jimmy Edgar one following closely. There’s something so odd (the feeling aligning with the title here) but right about the way the vocals are processed. The emotional management of the remix is insane, building a genuine tension. Drum programing is bonkers as well. If I would have gotten 1 euro every time I’ve played this in a party, at home or to someone, I’d be sending rockets to Mars right now. 

Aleski Perälä – FI3AC2032030 (AP Musik)
Aleksi again. Aleksi all the time. This is from his recent “Spectrum” series released in March, where he keeps channeling Colundi frequencies like no one. I like the way he has started to explore more tropical? drum patterns. One of the most interesting bodies of work in contemporary electronic music if you ask me. 

BNJMN – Indub (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (Delsin)
This one is included in a forthcoming BNJMN remix EP on Delsin. Tight package, every remix has its purpose. Elegant dub-techno treatment with some Voices From The Lake kinda textures from Italian techno producer Luigi Tozzi.

Greetje Bijma & Oceanic – Step Snakes (Yeyeh Ninih)
I felt curiosity about this track the minute I heard it in Oceanic’s Dekmantel mix. I immediately wrote to Job to ask him about it and was super excited to hear it was his own unreleased stuff. The whole record is a collaboration with Dutch feee-jazz vocalist Greetje Bijma and has a powerful energy. Some futuristic Meredith Monk-ish vocal improv vibes in there. Can’t help but think about Job’s mindblowing set at De School during last years ADE whilst writing this, one of the highlights of the weekend. 

Monolake – Beirut (Morphine Records)
Rabih Beaini has been gathering support for Beirut after last week’s events via Morphine Records. This is the second installment of a VVAA comp with stellar contributors, from Donato and Neel to The Bug and Rashad Becker. I could have chosen any of the tracks included but this Robert Henke production resonates in a special way, I have very fond memories of his Monolake live at Terrafoma’s labyrinth last year, mamma mia what an experience.

Nicole – Look Up (Eerie-Records)
I keep coming back to this super nice debut from Georgian producer Nicole on Marco Shuttle’s Eerie imprint. Lush & forward thinking.

Transparent Sound – Insert Coin (Balkan Recordings)
I missed this one when it came out as a limited dubplate in 2019. Luckily it had already been included in this 2011 digi comp raising money for DEC’s East Africa Crisis appeal supporting people in need of food, water and medical treatment across the continent. Trackman, Luke Vibert, LFO and other artists also contributed to this. Strong, sick acid jam that grows across Transparent Sound’s signature haunting atmospheres.

FFT – Grey Area (Bruk)
Latest release by this fresh producer from the UK. I’ve known him for his cerebral IDM and electro stuff on The Trilogy Tapes and his own Super Hexagon Records, but this tape explores complex and dynamic industrial and drone textures. Feels like a nice way to close this selection.

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