Oliver Hafenbauer

Oliver Hafenbauer

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Die Orakel founder Oliver Hafenbauer contributes a superb selection of eclectic, genre crossing gems.

Oli is an experienced and versatile DJ who has long-standing history of being one of the key figures in the local club scene and beyond. For over a decade functioning as music director of renowned Frankfurt-based club Robert Johnson and managing the associated label of the same name. He left this position last year to focus on his own projects, including his critically acclaimed Die Orakel label, which has uniquely positioned itself at the gateway of dance and ambience featuring artists such as upsammy, O-Wells and Roman Flügel.

Working behind the scenes offered him a unique perspective, and alongside his diverse network of artists and audiences, the output from his projects show him as one of the most innovative forces in today’s scene. Tuck into his latest curation and gain a glimpse into the mind of one of Europe’s most respected tastemakers.

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Words and curation by Oliver Hafenbauer.

Ike – Kiwami Formed (Index Records)
Ike combines percussive electro and breakbeats on his latest release on Index Records – my preferred combination in dance music.

Agent Fylfoyt – Enhanced Senses Device (Interactive Test)
A moody masterpiece by Agent Fylfoyt – originally released in 1991.

Belia Winnewisser – Metoikesis (SPA)
This is a bassy ambient trip by Belia Winnewisser.

H / Erra – Injektor (Opaque Mix) (Outersanctum Records)
Originally released by Outersanctum Records in 1993. The people behind the recording were centered around Dreamdoktor/Dreamlogic & Erra, a Romanian duo, currently living in the countryside north of Bucharest. The Polish Brutaż label have found this treasure and re-released it in 2019.

LNS – Minas (E-Version) (Freakout Cult)
Laura Sparrow’s complete solo discography will be available on Bandcamp in the upcoming months. ‘Minas (E-Version)’ is one of my favorite tunes of hers.

Desert Sound Colony & Baby Rollen – I C Jangles (Holding Hands)
The artists describe the track as a “stinker”. ‘I C Jangles’ sits somewhere between 2step, grime and house. This track sounds best in a dark room and on a big soundsystem.

Milz & Hitek – Sedative Deprivation (OCP)
A reduced and trippy Frankfurt sound excursion. Close your eyes, lower your breath and listen for yourself.

O-Wells – Sleeper 2.1 (Club Qu)
The Club Quarantäne I compilation features some amazing club tracks. O-Wells’ contribution is my favorite.

Hypnobeat – Spies In Malaysia (Artificial Dance)
Hypnobeat is a true product of the open-ended spirit of DIY music that proliferated in Frankfurt in the 1980s. ‘Spies In Malaysia’ is a live recording by the former band members James Dean Brown and Victor Sol in 1985. Good to see that it has been released digitally through Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance imprint for the very first time.

Dark Matrix – Techelectro (Track A3) (Love International Recordings)
The track name describes what it’s all about – a techy electro track. It also has a lovely melody and is featured on Shanti’s ‘The Sound Of Love International’ compilation.

Eliza Douglas – Faust’s Last Song II (PAN Records)
This is the last song of my selection – released on Anne Imhof’s Faust album from her performance and exhibition at the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. The album is constructed out of live recordings and original arrangements, teasing out the most potent strands and weaving them into a new composition of brutal feeling and baroque intricacy. Each track a testament to the energy that brought it into being.

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Photo credit: Neven Allgeier