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Superconscious Records co-founder FIO opens his musical treasury and rolls through with a brimming bag of sublime goodies!

As one of the frontrunners of the fertile Melbourne scene, Francis Inferno Orchestra has put out some pretty incredible music over the years. From outings on Love On The Rocks and Superconscious Records, the label that he co-runs alongside close amigo Fantastic Man, to composing scores and acing your song requests with his melodica by way of his IG stories (if you know, you know), his personal and loose-hanging take on quality sounds make him a favourite among many. A truly intriguing musician from the highest order with a silky smooth panache for rich textures and fine rhythms.

While Griffin is keeping busy with creating a new band-oriented live project amidst the Covid craziness, next to keeping his excellent monthly radio show Hardcore Positive up to standards, we’re stoked to catch him for the 15th instalment in our Buy Music Club series. Go grab the goods!

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Words and curation by FIO.

Gregor – Destiny (Chapter Music)
A really nice forthcoming album from Melbourne local Gregor, you can only hear two tracks from the LP so far but I have to say if both ‘The Rock (and The Stars)” and ‘Senseless’ are anything to go by, I can predict the rest of the album is going to be quite special.

Beat Rhythm Fashion – Bring Real Freedom (Failsafe Records)
I would say my favourite thing about Bandcamp is that it has given opportunity for older obscure bands to personally put their music back on the grid for all of us to enjoy. A great example of this is Beat Rhythm Fashion, a New Zealand shoegaze/dream pop act who existed predominately in the early 80’s although they have made something of a humble comeback recently. I have this album linked as it is what opened me up to their music, but I can comfortably say everything they released and recorded has blown me away. It’s worth looking into their story too as it’s quite interesting, as well as discovering some more interesting kiwi music through the label they worked closest with, Failsafe Records.

Hoover – Absolute Zero (Anthology Recordings)
I’ve been having on and off periods of deep diving into country music over the last couple of years and this is probably one of my favourite discoveries. Brought to my attention via a mix by Daniel Rincon (which is a really really fantastic mix by the way titled ‘Cowboys And The Sound Of Trains’ check it out). A blissfully eerie song that evokes feelings of overwhelming melacholy and absolute tragedy at the same time. A youtube description calls Hoover a  ‘forgotten country genius, the very first real outlaw, first real punk of country music’ which in my mind, might just be the coolest title anyone could hold.

Big Yawn – South Preston Garage (Research Records)
Australian 4 piece that caught me with their debut release ‘No!’ on Research Records (shout out Maryos & Aless!) it’s full of interesting sounds and quite a nice trip overall.

Ramzi – Cocoons Remixed (FATi Records)
I guess I should put something of my own in here for some kind of shameless self promotion. Like a lot of musicians I am very guilty of deeply questioning and criticising what I let be released into the vast musical ether, but I will say, not only was I very honoured to asked to be apart of this project but I’m actually quite proud with how my remix for Ramzi turned out, and the great thing is, she was really happy too. Thanks mate <3

Fantastic Man – Utopioid (Mule Musiq)
Proud as ever for the homie Mic coming through with his debut LP under his Fantastic Man productions, was lucky enough to hear this in the early stages and can say its a real hooner! Highly recommend getting on that pre order y’all!

Low Life – No Ambition (Winter Garden Records)
Low Life rules, thats all you need to know.

Oliver Coates – Skins n Slime (RVNG Intl.)
New Oliver Coates is never a bad thing, I’ve been low key following his works quite closely since coming across his stuff last year. As the description says “caliginous anatomy concealed by a drone-metal membrane, feeding upon mechanized strand distortions and thriving amidst its harmonic waste” – so take what you will, from that.

Alameda 5 – Eurodome (Instant Classic)
This label slaps so damn hard, I was obsessed with this Stara Rzeka record a few years ago and it’s been a while since I checked in on what’s been happening with the label so what a better time than now while I compile this list? This is the 3rd thing I clicked on and even though the other 2 were quite out wild in their own right this one genuinely floored me. So much that I’m not even sure what to write or how to describe it, but it has engulfed me completely. I feel like my mind and body are being thrown in 900 different directions listening to it, but that’s perfectly fine.

Eddie Chacon – Pleasure, Joy and Happiness (Day End)
So I’ve been fanboying John Carroll Kirby ever since I moved to LA and was shown his music via a friend. I saw on various social media platforms that he was producing the comeback record from the one and only Eddie Chacon, so of course I was very intrigued. The record is absolute purity in every sense. I’ve been following the single releases and weirdly even the social media game this dude has been playing and it’s completely refreshing. He’s 57 years old and has more steeze and integrity than anyone in music that I can think of right now. The LP itself is a short by solid listen and I’ve been loving doing the rewinds on this bad boy. Great in the morning, great in the evening, great anytime. Also, can I just mention this guy is 57 fucking years old! I wish I could look that good and dress that well at that age. Hats off to you Eddie.

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