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François X

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High-grade selections from renowned Parisian DJ, producer and tastemaker François X.

François X is one of France’s finest exports in the world of techno. From his early releases on Dj Deep’s imprint and his Concrete residency, he has never looked back. His love for the club has brought with it a reputation as a vibrant artist behind the turntables and become a firm favourite at myriad of top festivals and closing the likes of Berghain. Channelling obscure, forgotten and timeless techno gems, his sets capture themes of passion and utopia from the frenzied sounds from the 90’s acid to forward thinking techno. Furthermore, he launched his own acclaimed imprint DEMENT3D in 2011 and more recently in 2019 the ‘XX LAB’ was born, a multicultural platform which explores genres across the electronic sphere through events, his residency on Rinse FM and unique label releases.

Dive in to high energy club bombs and chill down time vibes in this latest instalment of our BMC series. Plus look out for his latest EP ‘Digital Fever’ on XX LAB, which is pure fire.

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Words and curation by François X.

Ibeyi & Pa Salieu – Made of Gold (XL Records)
As an avid fan ox XL Recordings strategically label wise, I was really amazed by this song between the french sisters and Pa Salieu. From the video clip to the track itself, everything fits perfectly. The musical fusion between genres and mood is perfect.

u.r.trax – atom heart (Trip Recordings)
This track is a masterpiece done by my beloved lil sister u.r.trax. She sent it to me as a demo and I knew right away that this edgy trancey track was gonna blow every dancefloor. Sonic killah.

Negroni Nails – Speed Scale (Klaxson)
Superb collaboration by Steffi and Privacy. I like the fast forward and raw aesthetic of the track. A modern dopplereffekt.

Dj Ibon – On My Way (Bunkerbauer)
Dj Ibon is a don, always finding the right elements to give his track a cosmic space feeling. I’m so much into this little voice loop sample style that this track is the perfect for me.

Nova Cheq – Paarthurnax (Nova Cheq)
It’s funny how nowadays Instagram has also become a digging spot. When you spend your evening lurking on the platform at some point you find some golden treasure like Nova Cheq. His tracks are always raw and simple but effective! A mix of Chicago uptempo booty tracks combine with uk mashup ingredients. So fresh!

Alex Wilcox & Anetha – It’s okay to cry (Mama Told Ya)
One of the highlights of the last couple of months, definitely a timeless masterpiece by Anetha and Alex Wilcox. A pure driven energy combines with a high dose of emotion.

riko – Work It V.1 (ft. Nasi Goreng) (CEP006)
I§ have discover so many talented artists by doing my monthly radioshow on Rinse France. Every month I’m doing a request call and get flooded by so many good music. riko was one of them, and sent this mind-blowing EP with this track that touched my heart instantly. Love it so much a contemporary classic.

HAJJ – My Love Is Rotten To The Core (BFDM)
Hajj is a close friend and one of the most talented artist I’ve ever known but crazy at the same time, a lil kanye in a way. His music is always emotional and rooted in strong emotions.

t0ni – Stay Cute (Soul Feeder)
I discover the label Soul Feeder through my monthly digging for my XX LAB show on Rinse – I’m always craving for this emo vibe to start or close my show. Here t0ni, the label boss, delivers this futuristic ambient track. A melancholic journey that i love so much.

François X – Digital Fever (XX LAB)
A bit of promotion for my upcoming EP, I’m so proud of this one and I think it s one of my best work so far!

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