Marie Montexier

Marie Montexier

Marie Montexier 2560 1250 Oddysee

Warning resident Marie Montexier dishes out a wide-spread selection of nuggets.

Although a relative newcomer in the scene, Marie Montexier has been turning heads since her 2019 debut. As a resident of the exceptionally well run Berlin-based collective and party series Warning, the Cologne native is known for throwing out some seriously wide-ranging selections in extraordinary fashion. Now stationed in Leipzig, she recently co-founded a collective that provides space for women and non-binary artists based in Cologne, next to kickstarting her own label, titled Paryìa, with an impressive 6-track outing by German-Turkish artist a.b.u.3.0.3 – we highly recommend you to check out both.

Stoked to have her involved in the series, Marie showcases her knack for crossing genre boundaries with a lovely selection of RnB, Jazz, electronic pop fusions and rowdy dance floor fillers.

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Words and curation by Marie Montexier.

Caravan – Siciliano (Planet Trip Records)
I bought this record just last week in a record store in Leipzig. Is a while ago that I was in the store to buy records. The track can be played both on 33 and on 45, has something super trippy and playful. Much fun!

Bell Towers – Juicy Blend (Jaako Eino Kalevi Remix) (Public Possesion)
Dance Music from Melbourne in Australia. Give me the feeling that summer will soon be here. Funky house, dance-pop. Great record to play on the radio but also suitable for an open air outside when the sun is shining. The Jaako Eino Kalevi is definitely my favorite remix on this release.

K-Lone – Zissou (Wisdom Teeth)
Definitely not to be missed in the selection. I think it’s a mixture of UK, grime and trappy hip-hop. Released on his own label Wisdom Teeth. Of course a UK artist, it feels like they only produce good music there.

DMAN – Down for it
I discovered her last year and I am sure many others will discover her soon. I’ve been listening to this track ever since. Attention not electronic! Rather rnb and relaxing, it’s worth following the artist. I would love to see her live! Can someone please book her for Europe?

The Walter Bishop, Jr. Trio – Falling In Love With Love (Prestige)
Actually I wanted to share a track from the album Coral Eyes with you, but it wasn’t available on Bandcamp. Therefore this beautiful piece by Walter Bishop Jr.. The artist comes from America, he plays the piano and was active as an artist especially in the 1940s. Wonderful Future Jazz Music.

Lyra Pramuk – Tendril (Bedroom Community)
One of my absolute favourite artists. I play this record over and over again. Her compositions and her voice are sometimes full of warmth, sometimes rather dark. She tells about herself: „For Lyra Pramuk, devotion is ingrained in her futurist folk music that harnesses the power and giddiness of technology to present the human voice as an object of limitless possibility. Growing up singing in choirs, Lyra struggled to conform to the images and expectations of her small Pennsylvania town, creating a deep and complex internet-fueled interior world in response presaging her view of digital worlds as extensions of our embodied consciousness, liberated from real-world notions of presentation and acceptable knowledge.“ Check both of her Albums – Fountain & Delta!

Chaos Milieu – Exit Exit (Warning)
Shoutout to my collective from Berlin – Warning, and my friend Jonny aka A.b.u.303 who is the producer of this track. Cover design in yellow, bright colours and matching the music, this track brings acid melodies and a groovy bassline.

A.b.u.303 – Cinema Asia (Paryìa)
A little wave from my label. Everyone celebrates Habibi on the record, but these treasures are forgotten along the way. Cinema Asia is playful again, acid-heavy and one of my favourite tracks on the record. I’m still very proud that I had the honour to release his music.

SuperJazzClub – Mad
Instagram is sometimes good for something, I found this track in a story, I’m very glad I clicked on it! Simply beautiful. Difficult to describe, better you should listen to this track. The creative collective – Superjazzclub is based in Ghanaian consisting of producers, film maker, DJs and artists.

Eiger Drums Propaganda – Zoom (Macadam Mambo)
I have been following the artists from Lyon for some time. Under their alias Pilotwings and J-Zbel you can find sometimes trancy and clubby tracks. Their label Brothers from Different Mothers also shows what the French electronic music scene is capable of. Sometimes weird and slow productions, sometimes clubby or experimental. Always on a high level. There is hardly a release that I don’t buy from them.

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