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Clone alumni Miran Bel Hanafi aka mad miran graces our Buy Music club series with a selection of experimental cuts and dance-floor gems.

mad miran’s wide range of musical arsenal is one of the widest in the game. Somewhat of musical parkour, jumping from different rhythms and styles with ease. Expressing in her own words ‘genres are disturbing. I play vibes’. Although still relatively new on the scene, she has taken dance-floors across the globe by storm, with her unique fusions of idiosyncratic sounds. Spawned from her experiences, as part of the Strange Sounds From Beyond crew, working at Clone and her own love of raving.

Dive in to the ‘mad’ world of miran and hear what’s been on the decks for one the hottest selectors in the biz.

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Words and curation by mad miran.

0​-​1​-​11 – Descent (H-Productions)
Old release from a classic label H-Productions from Cari Lekebusch, this track is so epic. It’s building up so sexy and I am happy to have it digitally.

Kreggo – Immaginario (art-aud)
Digital release on Kreggo’s very own label art-aud’s Bandcamp page, originally released on the vinyl only label Further Electronix (which I recommend highly too). Personal fav of this release is the A3 side. Kreggo is an excellent producer who in this almost 10 year friendship surprises me with his releases everytime. The label art-aud he owns is also one to watch. Quality modern rave music.

Humanoid – sT8818r (Luke Vibert Remix) (De:tuned)
Fresh december release! Humanoid is classic banger and the remix of Autechre and Luke Vibert are showing what they’re made off, like they always do. It was so nice to click play, sit hyperactive in my chair and get blown away when I listened the first time.

Jannah Quill – 2020 (SUMAC)
Very spooky and chilling BUT groovy track from the first (!) EO of Jannah Quill, based in Australia.

HVL – Seluminide (HVL)
These ‘big batch’ Bandcamp digital tracks HVL uploaded to his Bandcamp are top. There are other batches as well.. – I’d recommend scrolling through every track as they all have their own different stories to tell. Played them quite often in my sets last months.

Boner M – Motissa (Don’t Recordings)
Dance floor rolllller – I like to play it a little bit faster. The middle groovy part followed by the low and punch full kick is just great. Played this one in my Selectors set last summer. Got lots of ID requests for this one!

Nebuchadnezzar – Final Prayer II (Self-released)
This is an artist I found through my long time Russian friend Nikita aka Draag. His Bandcamp is full of distorted teknoey stuff and every releases tingles me in different way. Check it out if you’re into the harder kicks and glitchy stuff. If i am playing a long closing, I always play Nebuchadnezzar tracks – only at the right dance floor vibe..

Decoder – 2nd Call (Tech Itch Recordings)
Badass old school 1998 breaks from the old D&B producer Decoder.

Serge Gyezel – Shades Of Former Powers (Flesh Or Die)
Serge Gyezel with his signature destroying electro tracks , this track especially kills!

Toma Kami – XN (Man Band)
Highly technical growling beats by Toma Kami on his own label Man Band.

Basic Rhythm – Moonlight Flit (Hypercolour)
Very pleasant fat bass, sucks you right in. Calm and hypnotizing.

Matthew Thomas – Within An Orange Sodium Glow (Generate And Test)
Experimental sad but pulling absorbing track, great producer.

Philadelphia Bluntz – I Like That (Indochina)
Proper Trip Hop. Put this on around 4pm when the sun in december is slowly going down and your warm evening inside is starting.

Emma DJ  – I Ain’t Right B (UIQ)
Latest release of a settled Emma DJ. Witnessed his first live show, support acting Maoupa Mazzocchetti’s album release in Brussels feb 2020 and it was my first time hearing bass on a loud system again during the whole covid shit tunnel. I fell in love with this track in particular. Emo trap on an excellent label.

Jessica Walrus – 17 Stabs (Self-released)
Bonus! Euforic braindancey stuff from Jessica Walrus, top producer. It’s also free, enjoy 🙂

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