Manfredas 2051 2051 Oddysee

Soothing sounds and entrancing tunes courtesy of Lithuanian native Manfredas.

For those who know, know. Manfredas has a serious gift for fusing the bizarre and beautiful. Renowned for his unique craftsmanship and far-out selections, spanning from psychedelic rock fusions and chugging delights to high-tension dance floor moments, he spent years developing his sonic manifesto as an artist. As a producer his music sits comfortably among the likes of Les Disques De La Mort, Multi Culti and Mircodosing, to name a few. With a strong commitment to the Vilnius nightlife scene, he’s been instrumental in the development of the city’s fertile club culture as a long-standing resident at Opium Club and his involvement with Bar Amadeus

Get a taste of some of his current left-of-centre favourites in his cherry-picked curation, featuring music from Smagghe & Cross, Autarkic, Laurence Pike, Odopt, Multi Culti and Beats In Space, among others.

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Words and curation by Manfredas.

Merope – Salos (
Always feel a little embarrassed when I’m being shown a Lithuanian record that I don’t know because it’s a small country and we didn’t have that much interesting music, ever. Something similar happened when Ziggy from Stroom Records introduced me to the sounds of singer Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė and her band Merope a couple years ago. It’s nice that they’re releasing a record together now. It also has Vilnius city choir and Lithuanian stringed instrument Kanklės on it. Powerful stuff.

Laurence Pike – Prophecy (The Leaf Label)
It feels very intuitive and live story-telling. I like the space of it and it doesn’t feel over-produced.

Odopt – Lower Ground Floor (self-released)
Whenever I played a gig and there was a track that blew off the roof, well, very often it was these guys. They have loads of nice releases and this one features a cool selection of older edits. No label muscle behind it, but worth every penny. I love their cinematic feel attuned to club systems.

Gun Aid Compilation (The Gun Well St.)
I wouldn’t mind a pint at The Gun right now. And I don’t drink. The only bar I know and go to, and sometimes play in, in London. It’s only natural for a joint that’s got a strong community of musicians and DJ’s to start a label for the right reasons. You can’t go wrong with family vibes.

Panasonic – Remix EP (Sahko Recordings)
Both of these remixes are great. Something I would definitely play out at a very special hour at Opium Club, my home. The time of the morning when a very subtle vibrations come to life is always the best.

Dima Pantyusin & Sasha Lipsky – Peshekhod (Beats In Space)
What the world needs always is love and this record has plenty. Comedy and honesty, irony of the past and very present sounds from two old friends living in Moscow.

Geins’t Nait & L. Petitgand – Like This Maybe Or Like (Mind Travels Series)
I feel like I escaped the world of snippets and listen to music more properly again. In this new old fashion I love listening to this. A full universe.

Zongamin – O! Remixes (Multi Culti)
Zongamin remixed my first EP, also since the very beginning his music is very important to me. One of the people I always look up to. Usually it’s pretty stressful to do a remix for personal heroes, but this came out nicely. I often record vocals for tracks, but just to get some vibe going and then I delete them. This time it felt that the nonsense I say works nicely with the track. Strange things happen when in lockdown. There is also O! Zongamin versions release next to it, which is brilliant.

Autarkic – Kar Bagehenom (Garzen Records)
I miss my friends in Tel Aviv. Garzen Records will be putting out Autarkic’s album in Hebrew and for me it’s already a favourite record of his.

33.10.3402 – Bacteria Grows To Be A Tree (self-released)
Always curious about the ways of Nenad Markovic. He’s been steadily putting out some tracks on his Bandcamp every month, always worth a listen.

Chez De Milo – De Bushwa (Futureboogie Recordings)
Smagghe & Cross remix with a very “KLF” breakdown is something for the brave. How people take it says very much about a party.

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Photo credit: Adam_Adam_Adam.