Phuong-Dan 2560 1707 Oddysee

Hamburg-based selector Phuong-Dan is in the hot seat for our latest BMC instalment.

Phuong-Dan can be found spreading his time between photography, screenwriting and music curation. This varied approach to life and art, is equally visible in his famed DJ sets… where he spins a unique blend of different genres from contemporary underground techno, minimal synth, post-punk, EBM, the electronic side of krautrock and rare disco, to flashy left field experimental stuff. For over a decade, he’s run acclaimed club night ‘Gatto Musculoso’ and been a resident at Legendary club Golden Pudel in St Pauli, that’s not to mention his regular appearances at the likes of Salon de Amateurs, Robert Johnson, various art houses and international festivals such as Dekmantel.

One thing for sure is where ever you find Dan, you’re in for a sonic adventure that will surprise, challenge and push boundaries. Enjoy his verified picks showcasing his eclectic taste and current musings. From fav labels such as Knekelhuis and RiO to wide ranging artists including Laila Sakini, RVDS, Philipp Otterbach and more…

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Words and curation by Phuong-Dan.

RVDS – Mrs Yamahas Summer Tune (Bureau B)
Enjoy this mellow and dreamy breeze from RVDS’ recent Moods and Dances 2021 LP.

Museum Of No Art – Fabulous Youth (Séance Centre)
Another wonderful, timeless and impulsive piece of music from Hamburg.

Organizatsiya – Sur La Digue (Knekelhuis)
I do really like the playfulness regarding both – composition and production.

Emanuelle Parrenin / Detlef Weinrich – White Layers Over Black Papers (Versatile Records)
Just a fantastic gathering of very particular artists… Sadly this is the last project in which Ghédalia Tazartès is involved as he passed away recently.

33.10.3402 – даћете ми 5 кила ситно сецканих 50.000 €
Great title, great track, Nenad!

Philipp Otterbach – Constant Diet Of Flattery (R-i-O Label)
Chillout on Mars.

D.K. – Cham Dance (Good Morning Tapes)
These tantalizing whirrings in this piece!

Sebastian Kokus im Dialog mit der Jugend – Someone Had (Bad Boy Jesus Tape Club)
A dizzy collaboration of Love-Songs’s bass player Sebastian Kokus with artist Mitko Mitkov.

Nika Son – Esel und Gespenst (NOCTUI)
Ghostly matters on a wooden stage by Nika Son.

Laila Sakini – The Potion In The Pool (Total Stasis)
One of the seven beauties of Laila’s sensitive and intimate Vivienne album.

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