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Weirdo soundscapes, heady mind trippers and the occasional trance tune curated by Dutch trooper Woody92.

An prominent figure of the Dutch underground scene, Woody92 has spent the better part of his life developing his unique musical aesthetic. A graduate from The Hague art academy with one of the most solid visual and sound identities roaming our local circuit. You can catch him blending forward-thinking soundscapes on the regular via his monthly Neon Cleptu show at LYL Radio, as well as throwing high-paced brain shifters through clubspaces and festivals like Garage Noord, Dekmantel and De School. Always bringing his particular blend of psychedelic trance, goa and tribal fusions.

Fresh from delivering a mix for the iconic Smoke Machine podcast series, we extended the invite to catch a taste of his latest favorites on Bandcamp. A selection of beautiful oddball ambient and far-out head melters.

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Words and curation by Woody92.

Tau Contrib – encode (Sferic)
The latest release on the highly recommended label Sferic. Every release on this label hits the spot. I really like the approach of the Manchester-based imprint. And this confirms why… German producer Tau Contrib, formally known as Otilo, delivers a strong, immersive and organic ambient album. One big trip. 

Royal Sun – Un-002 (Union)
I love when music, art and design comes together. This is a good example of what I mean with that. Union is a label run by Royal Sun and Pry. ‘Un-002’ is a wide spectrum of textures and sounds with a unique point of view. The release is already 3 years old but still super relevant.. 

Cypha – Escape Velocity (Self-released)
Very talented Australian producer Cypha self released his ‘Escape Velocity’ cd. This one goes in all directions, from glitchy bleeps to more drum and bass experimentals with push forward rhythms in the brightest sense. Trying to adapt all sorts of styles in one trip. I’m massive fan of his work. All the sales of this record are donated to Standing Our Ground – a group of Wangan and Jagalingou people acting to protect their land against the Adani Carmichael Mine. Keep an eye on this talented producer! 

Sgnl_fltr – Chrono (Databloem)
Sgnl_fltr is a minimal techno project by Danny Kreuzfeldt. His ‘Chrono’ EP lands on one of my favorite Dutch imprints, Databloem. The well-respected label reflects all kinds of styles from idm, drone, experimental techno and ambient, to name a view. Dive in his Bandcamp catalog because there is much more solid work to choose from. Big up Dennis! 

Fresnel Lens – EP#1 (Self-released)
Fresnel Lens is a new alias by Callum Lee aka Paleman. I just discovered this a few days ago. A collection of live recordings from a custom “Make Noise” modular system. Some nice deep modular stuff. 

Nebuchadnezzar – Compact Disc (Self-released)
‘Compact Disc’ by dope talented producer Nebuchadnezzar. Really fast tripped-out tracks for late (or early) moments… His production reminds me a bit of the early tekno stuff that came out in the West Coast of Holland. Worth to checkout. 

Various – Beyond The Threshold (V.A.L.I.S. Records)
A various compilation of push forward stuff on the great V.A.L.I.S Records from Copenhagen. Lots of dope artists with a unique approach to what we call trance. A very strong comp for some daylight forest meetings hehe. 

Snorre Magnar Solberg – ARKHE TYPOS (Self-released)
I like artists who create their own world in order to do what they like. Snorre Magnar Solberg is an artist who does that. His own artworks, merch and music that has a wide range of electronic experiments. His ‘ARKHE TYPOS’ reflects exactly what I’ve mentioned earlier. An interesting cd with dope drawings he made during a residency combined with his own productions. I recommend you to check all his work. 

Anode – Deep Sea Biotic Desert (Konfliktzone Studios)
I discovered the Anode alias from Dutch artist Ron Ruedisueli a few years ago. His primary focus lies embed in the more experimental side of electronic and post-acoustic produced music. Proper weirdo stuff… 

Agonis – Neutropia (Amenthia Recordings)
New killer album by Agonis on Amenthia Recordings. Every track has his own story and is approached differently. One big guidance of some lysergic explorations and hypnotic off-beat breaky techno. 

Andrés Saenz de Sicillia – 21-9-18 (Villa Lontana Records)
This just came out recently. “This record is a documentation of the artist’s performance in the car garage of Villa Lontana on 21 September 2018. A Roman necropolis of more than 160 tombs dating back to the first half of the 1st century BC was recently rediscovered under the concrete garage. The sounds for ’21-9-18’ were built upon a quadrophonic sound system, designed to respond to the physical environment of Villa Lontana’s garage”. Curious to see what this label will put out in the future. 

LOG – LOG ET3RNAL (Experiences Ltd)
Sunday vibe album by Ulla Straus and Perila on Experiences Ltd. Beautiful mixture of dubbed-out warm and fizzing sounds. It’s an album that you can play every time of the day. Interesting other stuff coming from Experiences Ltd as well.

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Photo credit: Jeroen Dankers.