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A deep and inventive musical exploration from the one and only Graded honcho Midland.

A man who needs little introduction, Harry Agius, aka Midland. Harry has been a stand out figure in the UK and International scene for over a decade, with his productions featured on labels such as Phonica, AUS Music and his own Graded label. His rise up the ranks, both as DJ and producer, can be attributed to an ever evolving dedication to his craft and genuine commitment to building community. This kaleidoscopic approach perhaps stands out most in his legendary DJ sets, where even the most knowledgeable aficionado can expect to be taken into unexpected directions. And this is what stands Midland apart for us, a courage and willingness to enter uncharted territories, whilst retaining a humbleness which makes him one of the most endearing and likeable figures in the scene.

In his own words, his selection has been programmed like an ‘All Night Set’, so take your time, dig in and start your voyage through his eclectic curation of down tempo soundscapes, diverse oddities and heavy club hitters.

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Words and curation by Midland.

Kitchen Cynics – Beads Upon An Abacus (The Trilogy Tapes)
First up is this compilation put together by my dear friend Jack Murphy for Will Bankheads Trilogy Tapes label. He collected about 30 years of music by Aberdeens Kitchen Cynics. It’s beautiful, odd, unsettling and completely unique. The tears always hit during “Beads Upon and Abacus”. Described by Tom VR as “Dark Tavern Folk” which I thought was pretty perfect. 

Craig Kupka – Clouds: Music for Relaxation (Folkways Records)
I put out a request for non club music last year on twitter and was inundated with amazing suggestions. This album was recorded by Craig Kupka in 1981 with the intention of inducing relaxation by using “tonalities and intervals that produce a non-stressful response in the body”. Two 20+ minute compositions that have provided many a calm moment this year. 

Nick Wales & Stereogamous – Maton
A collaboration between Nick Wales and two dear friends of ours, Jonny and Paul aka Stereogamus who are both involved with so much queer community organising in Sydney. Beautiful music built around the guitar that was commissioned for the Maton Exhibition last year. 

Stalker – Empire 2020 Remaster (Ruf Kutz)
I thought I would traverse towards the club with an album that was recently re issued by Ruf Dug. Stalkers “Empire” is something of a lost Dub Techno classic. The sort of thing that really sounds great in whatever situation you might play it. Deep lush warm, all the good stuff. 

Leif – Taraxacum (UntilMyHeartStops)
An older album of Leifs that continues to reveal something new to me every time I listen to it. It’s like house music with all the edges rounded off. This is the sound of an after party in the clouds. A beautiful record. 

Tracey – Menu (Self-released)
I feel that Tracey is one of the most slept on producers around at the moment. The quality and consistency of his music is really crazy and this album is so good. It sounds so handmade and is gently trippy all the way through. 

Yu Su – Yellow River Blue (Music From Memory)
Yu Su has developed a sound that is so her own over the last few years and I loved sinking into this album over and over. It’s got such a range of styles but is still so coherent and sounds unlike anything out there. 

DJ_2button – Misunderstood (Sex Palms Tex Mix) (Weirdos Inc.)
I like 4×4 music where the kick drum doesn’t just knock you round the head for 6 minutes. This one by Weirdos Inc has such an effortless groove and I love all the atmospheric touches in there. It really reminds me of Shinichi Atobe’s stuff. 

Mosca – All Very Hush Hush (Rent)
This one doth bang. It sounds like Baltimore on quaaludes. Mosca always keeps you on your toes, the not knowing what’s coming next is always my favourite part of clicking play on his stuff.  

Anz – OTMI001 (Otras Mitades)
Anz is getting a lot of love right now and very deservedly so. Her Hessle record was a show stopper and this EP launching her new label Otras Mitades is a beautiful left turn. Unravel In the Designated zone has so much groove and soul, its gonna be a joy to play this summer (in the park). 

Lorraine James – Simple Stuff (Hyperdub)
Lorraine James is making some amazing music right now and this single off her new album has such a London vibe. This makes me want to DJ again. Pre Order the album, it’s a no brainer.  

Kush Jones – Housing Around (HAUS of ALTR)
Dreamy, pumping and trippy. Something I would love to play deep into a long afternoon set. I love the way the main synth bends and twists throughout.

DJ Q – It’s You (Octo Octa’s Slammin’ With U Mix) (Local Action)
I met Maya about 8 years ago (at our first Panorama Bar show together) and watching her journey has been a joy. This record sounds like everything I love about hers and Eris’ DJ sets distilled into a track. The cuts, the development, the bassline and the execution are all spot on. This one is just begging for you to get busy on the faders.

Ariel Zetina – Security Theatre (Trax Only)
I really struggled to choose one of the three volumes of this compilation put out by the Trax Only crew. If you are looking for an overview of some of the amazing LGBTQ artists operating in the US underground right now look no further.

Bézier – Surfing The Wedge (miv.)
Bézier has been incredibly prolific this last year. I chose this one because its the one I could see myself having the most fun with in the club and scrambling some brains. Post punky new wave all shot through with that queer aesthetic and executed to perfection. The whole EP is *chefs kiss*.

DJ Delish – Sissy
There is so much amazing Ballroom stuff on Bandcamp and I have been really into all the stuff DJ Delish has been putting out. The tracks are all short and super mixable, for those quick blends and cunty moments. 

Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2036110 (AP Musik)
I love the way that Aleksi Perälä makes it so hard to remember / get to grips with the sheer amount of amazing music he has put out. Part of the fun is to just let it wash over you. Is this the track I wanted to link? Perhaps? If not, you’re in for a treat either way. 

MNDR – #1 in Heaven (Physical Therapy Wash) (Allergy Season)
I am blown away by the range and depth of Daniel “Physical Therapy”s music and his remixes are always so on point. This to me feels like the perfect set closer. I highly recommend going through both editions of hyper extension. Secret Weapons a plenty. 

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Photo credit: Mike.