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United Identities affiliate mayo steps into our Buy Music Club series.

Amsterdam’s mayo is hard to pigeonhole. With a focus on downtempo electronics, EBM and techno, she weaves together a wide array of musical styles, creating immersive tracks and sets driven by sinister drum programming. Following her own beat from an early age, learning to play multiple instruments and being inspired by various musical styles. She later turned towards DJ-ing and making her own productions, which would best channel her musical vision. Here she brewed her experimental sounds into electronic punk music carrying her uncompromising disposition of character.

With a recent EP release on United Identities and a track coming up on the label’s forthcoming “Modern Intimacy Volume 2” compilation, we invited her to curate the latest list in our Buy Music Club series.

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Words and curation by Mayo.

Ex Ponto – Golden Hours (Offen Music)
To be honest, it really has a fair bit to do with seeing Vladimir Ivkovic play at a festival that sparked my enthusiasm for downtempo electronics. What this man also does well is running a sick label, Offen Music. This release by Australian musician and composer Ivan Mašić takes you on a sonic post apocalyptic journey where it feels like the sun will slightly touch your skin while walking in infinite circles trying to find reality.

Houschyar – Ferro (Müstesna Records)
If you’re looking for a bit of quirkiness, this is it. Only until the driving bassline comes in with some spooky pads where the second part will pull you into some kind of vortex that will spit you out by the end of the track. I love it.

Nadia D’Alò – Ten-High Straight (Hivern Discs)
This is a track I could vibe to all day, at home or at the club. Tight drumprogramming, crispy as hell ain’t no crunchy fries gonna beat that. Her trippy vocals and lyrics make it a big cohesive trip you don’t want to finish. Also worth the
check out is her collaborative project with Benedikt Frey called INIT.

Restive Plaggona – Sardanapalos (Several Minor Promises)
This track has been finding it’s way in and out of my sets for years. Can – not – get – enough.

Zohar – Millie (self-released)
It’s yeeeears ago that I met Zohar for the first time, which feels like a different lifetime, so happy to see how she evolved into a skilled producer and ever so kind person. This is my favourite track of her self released album Object.

Dbridge – Dead Peak (Cylon Recordings)
A good friend showed me this tune on an after hours occasion, we listened to it on repeat for a while. Can still listen to this on repeat anytime. Crazy groove with a massive bass, and that break, oooffff!

Mafou – Blind (Somatic Rituals)
My latest buy. What railed me in are the perfect drum sounds that give off a bit of a reggaeton vibe, a genre that I don’t shy away from on a day to day basis. The creative drum patterns give it some serious dance floor heat, can’t wait to hit the club with this one.

Ayesha – Potential Energy (Scuffed Recordings)
BANGER ALERT, this whole EP is full of ravey goodness, not potential but pure ENERGY!

Nastia Y – House Of Neli (Detroit Undergournd)
A melancholic electro banger. Totally loving the eerie pads that together with the arrangement make it a soundtrack like landscape.

Data Molfar – Romantic Cyborgs (mystictrax)
Ukrainian Electro. Very cool release and also for a good cause, 100% of the funds will go to the – a volunteer organization of paramedics, that, at their own expense, go to hot war spots and take out the wounded.

Mayo – Human Engineering (United Identities)
This is the B2 of my debut EP on United Identities, funny enough it’s my favourite track on the thing, even more so than the A1.

Check out the list on Buy Music Club HERE.