Nuno Dos Santos

Nuno Dos Santos

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Nuno Dos Santos graces us with a fine selection of club ready goodies for our latest Buy Music Club instalment.

Portuguese born, Dutch raised DJ and producer Nuno Dos Santos has been stalwart of the Dutch underground for two decades. Notably, for his residencies at the legendary Trouw and its predecessor Club 11. The much admired artist and curator of Something Happening Somewhere, continues to share a strong independent musical vision. In recent months via the label serving up their Summer Samplers, featuring some forgotten Dutch gems, then last month the fantastic Somewhere 03 various compilation landed on vinyl and if that’s not enough he’s also due to drop the second in his Re-Issue vinyl series… Nowhere 02 features some classics, from high grade artists such as Laurent Garnier, D-Knox, Frantic System, Roland Klinkenberg.

We’re delighted to welcome the perennial tastemaker and share some of his fav’s of the moment, showcasing his varied tastes from deep and hypnotic, percussive flavors to more leftfield vibes.

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Words and curation by Nuno Dos Santos.

A∞x – Ceramic City (Nduja)
The Nduja label only released three EPs but all crazy good. This is the third one. I have no idea who A∞x is. Maybe an alias of Mammo who did the first two EPs on the label. Just mental how this track builds and builds with so much detail and subtle rhythms. When these pads arrive everything fits together perfectly. What a trip! And then u havent even heard the b-side 🙂

Microthol – Heliopolis (Trust)
This one came out in 2005 on Trust. One of my all-time favs. Melancholic uplifting electro soul from Vienna.

Nijhof & Toonk – P.I.P. (Aural Conduct)
First release on Luke Cohlen’s Aural Conduct label. Love how this track keeps creeping up and down the spectrum.

Skymaster – Free Your Mind (UK Offshoot)
This one came out in 1997 on the UK Offshoot label. An alias of Mark Ambrose. Trippy and euphoric house with that soothing constant bassline. Damn fine!

Damon Wild – Default (Synewave)
Hypnotic track from Damon Wild released in 2006 on Synewave. This voice, groove and dark background sounds totally suck u in 🙂

Mount Kimbie / Kai Campos – Zone 1 (24 Hours)
Track from their forthcoming album beginning of November. Looks like they did half of the album individually. “Giving an insight into the two sides of their sound” as I just read on the Warp site. Their sound is always recognisable. Gritty but warm. The drive in this track is so good and that bassline! Looking fwd to the whole album.

Alfred Czital – Ghosted (Harmony Records)
Taken from his debut album on Harmony Records. So much detail, melodies and fine textures. Big favourite!

Basic Bastard – Spacerider (Ignitor)
One of the many aliases of Orlando Voorn. Released in 2003. Remastered in December 2021. I love how much emotion this track contains. Timeless.

Shi-Take – Perfect Virtue (Full Moon Over Maduri Club Mix) (SoHaSo)
Sweet tribal UK house from 30 years ago. Honoured and happy to give it a new life (and a proper remaster). Tied together with some other forgotten beauties.

swills – shift+ (SoHaSo)
Really love the tension and the unique character of this track by Sabine Swills. Looking forward to releasing a whole album from her in 2023.

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Photo credit: Robin Alysha Clemens