Following the recent release of their debut EP, ‘Now & Zen’, on our very own Oddysee label, Asphalt DJ and Gzardin present a propulsive mix of euphoria-inducing rollers.

It’s been around a year since we connected with Asphalt DJ & Gzardin through our mutual friend and Radio Radio resident Jop Woesthuis. Now, 12 months later, we’re pretty amped to welcome these guys into our mix series after just having released their first EP on the label. Aside from being extremely nice dudes, they’re exceptionally talented and exciting producers you will hear a lot more from in the future.

We connected with the two Tel-Aviv based artists and asked them some questions about things to come. Check it out below.

Yoo Doron, Shauli, good to have you with us today! We like to start with giving you guys a massive shout out for providing the Oddysee label with its recent debut EP release! How’s things in Tel Aviv and how have you experienced the feedback on ODDY001 so far?

Hey, thank you for having us and trusting us with this debut EP! Its was a huge pleasure and honour to create this piece and work with you throughout the process. After the pandemic Tel Aviv was struggling to get back on its feet, but these days slowly venues are rising up and new places are opening up. For example our release party took place in a very exciting new space called Skyriders. An intimate but pumping small room which is something that was very missed in the city. Another new venue is Ozen Club opened very recently and already hosted many great DJs from across the world as well as a strong emphasis on growing the local scene and community. The feedback we received so far is nothing but respect and love from everyone which were very grateful for.

Titled ‘Now & Zen’, the EP also marks your very first outing as artists. Can you tell the people reading this a little about how you got into music production, the sounds you draw inspiration from and how you worked together on this particular EP?

Releasing this first piece of music is a huge moment for us! Both of us fell in love with music at a very young age and immediately knew that this is our path in life. Our inspiration for this EP came from various experiences throughout life. Our country is a significant contributor in trance music, and is known for its underground outdoor parties \ doofs. We felt like combining that energy with more indoor clubby sounds merging these worlds and sounds to our vision of creating tracks that can fit a festival in the woods and also a club experience. This EP came from a studio partnership and mutual love to dance music. One session led to almost a year of work on these tracks and more to come.

We know you guys have been cranking out some serious tunes over the last couple of months, some already signed and in the pipeline. Is there anything you can share with us on that front? And what are some of the labels / people you would like to work with moving forward?

We’re very excited to keep working and creating music and more excited that we can release with dear friends from our local community. Our next release will be a part of the amazing “Hyper Love” VA by Tofistock. A label by Olsvanger & Myki – DJs, producers and loved friends which influenced and inspired us in so many ways. This VA sent waves across the world introducing the new Tel Aviv sound and were so proud to be a part of volume 2 coming soon! We’re working full time in the studio at the moment enjoying life and creation. Our drive is 100% music and the feedback from the world. Seeing DJs from the other side of the globe playing our tracks and making others happy is what keeps up inspired. There are so many great labels out there with wonderful artists behind them that we would love to work with

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together for us? How did you approach it, what kind of energy can we expect and are there any special tracks in there you would like to mention?

We approached this mix trying to showcase our inspiration as producers , these tracks inspire us and translate to feelings as DJs and dancers. This mix is also a good example of how we play peak time, combining high energy tracks with steady and exciting melodies. It includes a combination of our favorite discoveries from the past, as well as a few upcoming tracks from the likes of Solar Suite, Olsvanger & Myki and yours truly.