Fais Le Beau hits it right on the spot again by delivering us his well crafted mix full of 90’s goods.

Luxembourg born, Brussels based Diego Cozzi, aka Fais Le Beau is in our sight for a while now as he keeps blowing us away with his dj sets and mixes. The co-founder of Brussels based queer party Gay Haze transmits a unique sound by glueing together multiple energies and genres based on his love for 90’s house and 00’s prog.

We caught up with Diego about his magical tour through Vietnam, some exciting evolvements within his DJ career and projects he’s been working on.

Heyy Diego, Thanks so much for joining us. How’s things in Brussels and what’s been keeping you busy these last couple of weeks?

As the summer approaches, Brussels is buzzing and the city comes alive, many outdoor events are happening already. I find myself juggling between touring and organising various events across the city which is pretty intense and exhausting but it has become part of my life now and I’m loving it.

Some weeks ago you played at Horst festival, which wasn’t the first time. Horst is doing an incredible job giving the Belgium scene a new dimension. How was this year’s show and what does Horst mean to you?

Playing at Horst festival is always incredible, and this year was no exception.The festival once again didn’t disappoint and gave the Belgian scene a breath of fresh air with its amazing curated lineup and immersive art installations. The show was memorable, with a vibrant energy. Horst means a lot to me—it’s more than just a festival. It’s attention to details, a platform for artistic expression and community building. Being part of it is an honour, and I’m inspired by its transformative power in shaping the Belgian cultural landscape.

Pic of Fais Le Beau

Speaking about the Belgium scene.. You’re the co-founder of Gay Haze, doing amazing party’s on incredible locations throughout Brussels. How did that started and what’s coming?

Gay Haze is our cherished project, co-founded by myself and Guillaume Bleret. It all began in a second-hand furniture store in the heart of Brussels, which we transformed into a unique club featuring both indoor and outdoor areas. Over the past six years, our party has grown in popularity, but we’ve always strived to maintain its intimate and magical essence from the very beginning. Looking ahead, we have some exciting plans coming.. We will be hosting stages at festivals such as Paradise City and Dour this summer, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with my boyfriend’s collective, Sundaze. What’s even more thrilling is that our collaboration with Sundaze will take place on the same grounds as Horst festival, featuring a special lineup on two stages that has me brimming with excitement. It’s a joy to see how our journey with Gay Haze continues to evolve, and we can’t wait to share more unforgettable experiences with our beloved partygoers in the future.

You recently toured through Vietnam. Tell us a bit about that experience.. what have been some of the highlights, who did you meet along the way, and what kind of impact did the whole ride have on you?

Touring Vietnam was pure magic. It was my first time in Asia, and I can’t wait to return. Being able to share the experience with my friends made it even more special. We explored the country, indulged in incredible food and we simply had the time of our lives. Highlights included playing at Savage in Hanoi and the observatory in Ho Chi Minh. These two gigs taught me the art of going with the flow, I had an epiphany—I don’t need to stress about hyping up the dancefloor. Instead, I could let the music weave its magic and create a relaxed vibe that people can groove to at their own pace. We also had the pleasure of meeting Ouissam and his boyfriend, the organisers behind the local queer party “Snug”, who were wonderfully welcoming. The trip had a profound impact, opening my eyes to new cultures and deepening my love for connecting with people through music. I’m grateful for the memories and excited for future Asian adventures.

Over the last few years things have been developing great for you by giving you all of these amazing bookings, What else might you have coming up?

I’m thrilled with the recent development of my DJ life and the incredible bookings that have come my way. Looking ahead, I have an exciting project in the works. I’m teaming up with my talented friend and DJ, Melissa Juice, to launch a new party called “LUBE” at C12. This event aims to create a sex-positive and queer-friendly space, specifically catering to the needs of FLINTA people and the LGBTQIA+ community. From the door to behind the scenes and the carefully curated lineup, “LUBE” will be a party run by queer people for queer people and allies. Stay tuned!

Music wise, I’m currently exploring the world of music production. Although I’m not the most patient person, I’m dedicated to honing my skills. My focus right now is on editing tracks from the 90s and early 2000s, putting my own unique spin on them. It’s an exciting journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Finally, what can you tell us about the mix you’ve shared with us today?

The mix was recorded at my sweet home in Brussels, I chose the first track and builded the entire mix around it. I imagined myself playing at my own party while recording it, that’s the place where I feel the most confident playing. I’ve started the mix with deeper tracks and let the groove progress quickly to euphoric tunes with only tracks made between the late 90’s and early 00’s which as i said before is what i like playing the most. I hope you enjoy it 🙂